If you aren’t quite sure whether you should take the leap and play on Sportsbetting Poker, don’t worry. I have played tons of hands there and will help you make a decision.

What is Sportsbetting Poker like? Sportsbetting Poker is US friendly has softer games than most other sites. Found on the Chico network, you will also find high traffic and enjoy a really good deposit bonus. The site is a legit alternative to other more well-known poker sites.

This grinders’ in-depth review should help you determine whether or not Sportsbetting Poker is for you.

What is Sportsbetting Poker?

Sportsbetting Poker is based out of Panama City, Panama and is on the Chico network. It is basically a sister site to BetOnline and has the same software, feel, and player pool.

If you are a thinking player who is still learning and likes to use a HUD you will love this site since it does not have the cutthroat games of the Winning Poker Network. However, if you are looking for a site that has better rewards for mass multi-tabling or slightly softer games (think Ignition), then you might want to try a different network.

Sportsbetting Poker at a glance:

  • Banking: Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, WU, Skrill, Neteller, Wire Transfer
  • Software: PC, MAC, Mobile
  • Games: Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha Hi, Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo
  • Min Cash Buy-In: 40 big blinds.
  • Fish Rating: 7/10
  • Sign Up Bonus: Yes (Click here to check latest bonus amount)
  • Rakeback: No
  • Summary: An attractive option for players who like to use HUDs but also enjoy softer games. The perfect alternative to America’s Cardroom or Black Chip Poker.

Site Ratings

In order to clarify the strengths and weaknesses of Sportsbetting Poker, I assigned a rating from 1 to 10 on seven important considerations.


Overall rating= 7.9

Sportsbetting Poker has room for improvement, but they have come a long way since a few years ago. For example, the old software would have gotten a 1/10 rating.

What does the software look like?

How is Sportsbetting Poker?

Sportsbetting Poker is a US friendly poker site found on the same network as BetOnline. The site is well-known for its “off the radar” status. The site is #3 in traffic for the US market so a lot of grinders forgo playing here. Here are the summarized details:

  • Soft for a site with HUDs
  • Medium Traffic
  • Cash game traffic up $1,000NL
  • Improving MTT schedule
  • Lots of SNGs
  • Good deposit bonus
  • Fast cash out speeds
  • Legit site with no major scandal

Why Play On Sportsbetting Poker?

Sportsbetting Poker has been around awhile, but have not attained quite as big of a following as some of the other networks like America’s Cardroom or Ignition. However, due to their legit customer service, fast payouts, promotions, and stellar improvements, the Chico network has blossomed.

The best reasons to play on Sportsbetting Poker are because of the soft games, the much-improved software, and the fast speed of deposits and cash outs.

Automatic Poker

What does this mean for you? It means you are able to take advantage of a growing site that still is beatable. I recommend taking advantage of this opportunity before it disappears.

Sportsbetting Poker Complaints

Sportsbetting Poker has found balance and does not really excel at any one thing. That also means that there are no glaring weaknesses. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • The reward system is kinda meh, but that means more fish than other sites. This is because this fact might scare away a lot of hardcore grinders.
  • The software is much-improved but is definitely not perfect. I would say it is about average for the current state of the industry.
  • The payouts are fast but the customer service can be a bit slow at times. I guess it depends on the time of day. I have gotten instant good service while other times it has taken a couple of days to be helped properly. I definitely recommend calling and not emailing.

How Soft Are The Games?

I gave Sportsbetting Poker a 7/10 fish rating due to the number of sports bettors that populate the tables. Usually, these types of players are unskilled at poker and just looking to gamble. That’s the great thing about playing a site with the name “sports betting.”

The VPIP on tables is quite a bit higher than what you would see on some tougher networks like WPN, i-Poker, or Pokerstars. On sites with HUDs it’s typically in the 18 to 22% range. On Sportsbetting poker the average tends to be more like 26% VPIP or greater. It’s not unheard of to have one or two fish on every table when multi-tabling.

You Can Use a Hud in Soft Games

This is a rarity nowadays in poker. It’s a really cool thing is that you can use a card catcher and get the Hold’em Manager or PokerTracker HUD to work on this site. Having detailed stats on opponents will give you a huge advantage over players who are playing without HUDs.

Unfortunately, almost all other regs will also be using HUDs. This keeps the games from being as soft as they would be on a completely anonymous or HUD-free network. Even so, the abundance of fish still makes the games extremely beatable if you just practice a tiny bit of table selection.

Is Sportsbetting Poker Profitable?

Due to the amount of fish and gambler types on the site, any reasonably sound core strategy should be able to easily beat the games. Just focus on playing only on tables with bad players, preferably to your right, and you will be fine.

My win-rate has been fairly decent on this network, somewhere in between my win-rate on WPN and Ignition. I love the balance struck between the recreational model and the traditional model.

How Many Players on Sportsbetting Poker?

Sportsbetting Poker is part of the Chico network and has been rapidly growing in size. It is now 14th in the world, averaging over 1,000 players at once, with nearly 2,000 playing during peak times.

Sportsbetting Poker Ranking
Courtesy of Pokerscout.com

The Chico network is third among sites in the United States and has been gaining on WPN over the past few years. I see no reason that the site won’t continue to grow and get even better for traffic.

When Is the Traffic Busiest?

Since most of the players on the site are from the US, the peak times tend to be between 6 PM and 10 PM EST, or 11 Pm to 3 AM GMT.

Traffic is still somewhat decent at all hours. You can probably find a game to play even at the lowest point of traffic during the day.

How Is the MTT Traffic?

The MTT traffic is a lot lower compared to a lot of other sites. Even so, there are plenty of games with a reasonable guarantee.

The lower buy-in events tend to attract between 300 and 600 players and the buy-ins above $20 usually only have 100-200 people playing. The good news is that the smaller size means they don’t take as long to play.

What Are the Deposit Options?

There are numerous deposit options on the Chico skins. You can choose from one of the following:

  • Credit card
  • QB-Direct
  • Voucher
  • Skrill/Neteller (Non-US Players)
  • MoneyGram
  • Wire Transfer
  • ZPay
  • Cashier’s Check/Money Orders
  • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Dash, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin

Deposit options are subject to change, please check the website for the latest methods.

How Fast Do Deposits Get into My Account?

Deposit speed will depend on the method you use:

  • Approved credit card deposits tend to happen instantly. This network actually has among the fewest declined transactions in the industry.
  • Crypto usually takes a few minutes to a couple of hours.
  • Moneygrams and checks can take up to a week

I highly recommend using Cryptocurrency!

Does Sportsbetting Poker Accept PayPal?

Unfortunately, they do not. No major poker site accepts PayPal.

Up until recently, Global was the only poker site who would take PayPal, but now they no longer do so.

Does Sportsbetting Poker Accept Bitcoin?

Yes, multiple cryptocurrencies are accepted including Bitcoin, Dash, Ripple, Ethereum, and Litecoin. In fact, for the least amount of hassle I recommend Bitcoin. (Click here to earn $10 free for using Bitcoin)

How Does Sportsbetting Poker Payout?

Once again, you have multiple options for withdrawing money from Sportsbetting Poker:

  • Moneygram
  • Check
  • Bitcoin
  • Skrill/Neteller (Non-US Players)
  • Bank Wire

Payout options are subject to change, please check the website for the latest methods.

How Fast Do Payouts Get into My Account?

Sportsbetting Poker payouts tend to happen really fast. Almost all requested cashouts are processed within 24 hours. My most recent withdrawal reached my bitcoin account in less than 5 hours.

You might want to stay away from checks or Money Grams as they tend to be the slowest payout form. I only recommend using a bank wire if you need to withdraw a large sum of money, say $15,000 plus.

Are There Any Withdrawal Fees?

Sportsbetting Poker payouts happen really fast. Almost all requested are processed within 24 hours. For the fastest possible service, I recommend Bitcoin. (Click here to earn $10 free for using Bitcoin)>

How Long Do Payouts Generally Take?

The fee schedule is as follows:

MethodFeeMinimumMaximumProcess Time
Varies$50$400Within 5 days
BitcoinFree$20$10,000Within 48 hrs
DashFree$20$5,000Within 48 hrs
EthereumFree$20$10,000Within 48 hrs
LitecoinFree$20$10,000Within 48 hrs
Courier CheckVaries$500$2,500Within 7 days
BankwireVaries$500$24,900Within 15 days
Electronic Check$20+2.5%$100$1,000Within 5 days

How is the customer service?

This is an area that Sportsbetting Poker does fairly well in. They have both phone (yes hard to believe I know) and email support. Replies to emails typically happen within 24 hours, but can sometimes take longer.

If you are having trouble depositing, don’t hesitate to give them a call. In my experience, they are courteous and knowledgeable and willing to help any way that they can. I recommend not emailing unless you are not in a hurry.

How Do I Contact Sportsbetting Poker?


  • 1-888-426-3661


  • General email cs@sportsbetting.ag
  • Poker email poker@sportsbetting.ag
  • Casino email casino@sportsbetting.ag

How Does the Sportsbetting Poker Bonus Work?

Sportsbetting Poker is well-known to have one of the best first-time deposit poker bonus offers in the world, even though it is not as big as it used to be. Even so, it is worth depositing a bit extra to take advantage of it.

How Easy Is It to Clear the Deposit Bonus?

As you know, it’s not necessarily how large the bonus is. Rather, it’s how fast you can actually clear it and realize the bonus money before it expires that matters.

I did a bit of testing and was really pleased with the results on this site. Playing at 100NL or $.50/$1, the bonus appears to clear at a rate of about $3.00 every hour. When compared to the average of about $1.50 per hour found on most other poker sites, you will potentially be effectively doubling up on the value.

The truth of the matter is that only the most high volume and higher stake players will ever clear even $500, much less a $1,000 bonus. It is the added hourly rate while clearing that really matters!

There Are Now Crypto Bonuses

You can now take advantage of both first time and reload Crypto bonuses. Therefore, I recommend making your first deposit with a non-crypto method and then redepositing again via Cryptocurrency once your initial deposit is cleared. Why end the added extra hourly rate?

Please note that changes may occur, so be sure to check out the current offer (click here to see the latest bonus details).

Is Sportsbetting Poker Legit or Rigged?

As far as I can tell from my research, there have been no poker scandals on the Chico network over the last several years. I found very little in the way of noise or complaints when it comes to the cash outs or customer service. Overall, Sportsbetting Poker appears to have its act together and does a good job of satisfying most of their customers.

How Is Sportsbetting Poker Legal?

Contrary to popular belief, online poker is not banned in the US except for in a couple of states (Washington/Kentucky). The only thing that was ever codified via the UIGEA was that banks are not allowed to do business with poker sites.

Unfortunately, the bad press given to poker back when the UIGEA was passed left a sour taste in a lot of poker player mouths. And with the occurrence of Black Friday, it’s no wonder that some people still believe that online poker or gambling is illegal in the United States.

If you live outside the US, you will need to check your local laws to see if playing online poker is legal for you or not.

Is Sportsbetting Poker Regulated?

Sportsbetting Poker is licensed and regulated by the Panama Gaming Commission. Just keep in mind that being licensed is not the best indicator on the quality or run an ethical business. A site’s track record is a much better indicator of its quality.

For example, Ultimate Bet, which had a huge cheating scandal and has since been shut down, is still listed as being licensed by the Panama Gaming Commission. I don’t mean to tell you this to cause you alarm. I just thought it was worth mentioning for full disclosure.

What a license really means is that the poker site is just based there and does it’s operations from that jurisdiction.

What Random Number Generator Is Used?

Sportsbetting Poker has software that is designed by connected games (CG). Their random number generator, or RNG, has successfully met industry standard for compliance with gaming software. The RNG is periodically tested by Gaming Laboratories Industries (GLI) to make sure it is working as intended.

Are There Bots on Sportsbetting Poker ?

I have no way to confirm through data or otherwise (nor does anyone else) but I am fairly certain that there are bots on each and every site and network in the world.

Even so, it is exceedingly challenging to beat the games as a human player. How difficult do you think that would make it to create a bot that can actually win?

Can you imagine trying to get some kind of software program that could profitably navigate all of the complicated situations that are faced during a poker session? Best case scenario, a well-crafted bot might be break even or a slight loser at the lowest stakes.

Honestly, it’s actually a really good thing to a bot on your tables since they are extremely easy to beat and will not have the capacity to adjust to your play even a tiny bit. I wish I could play on a table full of bots every day.

So to answer the question, yes there are probably some form of bots on the site. However, they are not something to be concerned about.

Additionally, most poker sites have measures in place to find and ban bot accounts. Overall, the issue of playing against bots is not something to even worry about one iota.

What Countries Are Excluded From Playing On Sportsbetting Poker?

Play is currently restricted from only the following countries:

  1. Australia
  2. France
  3. Malta
  4. Panama

Can People in Every State Play in the United States Play Online Poker?

Unfortunately, people who live in a few states cannot play on Sportsbetting Poker due to regulations:

  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Washington (Has a law that prohibits online gambling)
  • Kentucky (Has a law as well)

The reason players cannot play in Delaware, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, and New York is that they either already have regulated gambling or will be adding it soon.

How Are the Tournaments on
Sportsbetting Poker?

Tournaments are growing fairly rapidly on Sportsbetting Poker. It’s possible that they may soon offer a schedule that is viable for a pro MTT player. Currently, the offerings are only really good as a supplemental income for mixing with another poker site.

To give you an idea of what tournaments look like on Sportsbetting Poker, I took a screenshot of the lobby for you:

MTT Schedule

There Are Now Two Big Sunday Tournaments

Every Sunday there is currently a 60k guaranteed main event as well as a 40k guaranteed second chance tournament. The guaranteed tournaments have been steadily growing, it wasn’t that long ago that the biggest tournament was only 10k!

Remember to check the site for the latest schedule.

Does Sportsbetting Poker Have Freerolls?

There are a number of freerolls offered daily. On Mondays at 5 PM ET, there is an event called the $3,000 Happy Hour Freeroll. The winners get free casino chips. The tournament is limited to one hour, the top 50 at the end get the prizes. Here are the payouts:

PositionChip Value

There is also a $10,000 new player freeroll that is available to you after you make your first deposit.

Are There Ever Overlays?

Currently, overlays happen quite frequently on Sportsbetting Poker. Basically, what that means is that there are fewer entrants than it takes to achieve the guaranteed amount.

For example, let’s say there is a $1,000 guaranteed with a $5 buy-in. In the tournament it would take $200 entrants in order for the prize pool to achieve the $200 guaranteed amount. If only 150 people register and pay in $750 there is a $250 overlay.

In other words, the event begins as if 50 people had already been knocked out. This is good news for everyone who entered as it is an instant boost to the ROI. Basically, you freeroll for the extra $250.

How Are the Sit and Go Games?

On many poker sites, SNGs tend to be dead. This is not the case on Sportsbetting Poker. I just checked at 2PM on a weekday and there were traditional games as well as double-up games running as high as $200 buy-in.

Whether you like to play against multiple players or heads up, there are options across a variety of Sit and Go stakes.

I watched the games for a bit and it appears that wait times are generally really low. These are great practice for MTTs and a nice way to decrease your boredom when playing in only one or two multi-table events.

Sng Rake Race

Each week there is a single table tournament “$5,275” leaderboard. Players who accumulate the most points can claim fairly substantial rewards. Here are the prizes:

Sportsbetting Poker STT Leaderboard

SNG Game1st2nd3rd4th5th
Regular or Turbo Games$750$550$400$300$200
Hyper Turbos$500$250$200$150$100
Reg/Turbo Heads Up$250$150$100$75$50
Hyper Turbo Heads Up$500$300$200$150$100

These payouts are subject to change, please check the site for the current schedule.

Is There Fast Play Poker?

In early 2018 it was announced that there would be a game called “Boost Poker” on the Chico network. However, for some reason, it is no longer given as an option in the poker client. I was unable to find any announcements regarding the demise of Boost games so I am assuming they just pulled it without notification. Perhaps the games weren’t populated enough?

Is There a Play Money Option?

Play money is definitely something you can do on Sportsbetting Poker. Every account starts with $1,000, which can be reloaded anytime. The play money stakes offered are as follows:

  • 5/10– Fixed limit only
  • 10/200– NLH and Omaha
  • 30/60– NLH and Omaha
  • 50/100– NLH and Omaha
  • 100/200– NLH only

How Are the PLO Games on Sportsbetting Poker?

Pot Limit Omaha games on Sportsbetting Poker are surprisingly good. Games run as high as $500PLO with plenty of games running at micro and small stakes.

If you are looking to be a full time PLO pro grinder, then you might want to look elsewhere. However, if you just like to play the game occasionally for fun you will find plenty of action to keep you satisfied.

Is Mobile App Gaming Possible on
Sportsbetting Poker?

There is a mobile option for both Android and Apple devices.

Mobile Requirements

  • Android OS 6 or higher
  • iPad 3 or iPhone 5 or higher

How to Play Sportsbetting Poker on iPhone

To download and use the Sportsbetting Poker mobile app go to the website
and sign-up. Then navigate to the “poker” tab and click “mobile” at the top. You will then be given instructions on how to play mobile on any device.

Are Casino and Table Games Offered?

Sportsbetting Poker has just about every possible Casino style game you can imagine. This includes:

  • Live Casino Games make for a virtual experience. It’s like you are actually sitting in a casino
  • Table Games with 13 different types of roulette, blackjack, craps, and more
  • Slots of nearly every variety and more than can easily be counted
  • Video Poker including all the common favorite games along with some novelty games
  • Specialty Games from Bingo to Keno. There is even a Racebook

Is Sports Betting Possible?

The network isn’t called “Sportsbetting Poker” for nothing. If a sport exists, you can probably bet on it on this site. (Click here to view their Sportsbook)

Software & Client Info

While I have had an account on this network for many years, the one thing that always kept me from putting in serious volume was the bad software it used to have.

First off, there was an obtrusive blackjack table hanging off the side of ever poker table, which caused major lag and made it almost impossible to multi-table. I could never seem to get the tables to resize properly so eventually I stopped playing or only played sporadically.

However, in 2016, that all changed. The site got a facelift and rolled out some brand new software. Needless to say, I was very happy with the update.

The software is now smooth as silk, with nearly no lag. I even opened up 50 tables at once (without sitting down at them), and saw absolutely no noticeable difference in the performance of my computer. If I were to try that with Ignition/Bovada, America’s Cardroom, or any other network for that matter, my machine would almost certainly detonate.

The coolest thing about the new interface is that the games are still just as soft as they ever were. Maybe no one else will notice this before we can clean up. If I were you, I’d sign up now while the games are so easy to beat.. just stay away from my tables! : )

Skin Customization Features

There are many out of the box features offered on the Chico network, here are some that stand out to me:

  • The ability to auto muck cards & wait for the big blind is available. This is a problem on some of the recreational sites like Global Poker.
  • You can choose from a number of stock avatars, or upload your own. The avatar can be changed as often as you want.
  • 4 color decks can be chosen or you can go with the traditional 2 color kind. The characters are clean and crisp and easy to read.
  • You can customize your theme in several different ways. There are 8 carpet choices and 3 tablecloth colors to choose from. It appears as though the skins are called “edge” skins, so I am guessing there is a way to import your own custom look onto the site. I tried looking into this but haven’t found anything so far.
  • Auto buy-in is possible on the site. This is very important to grinders and pros. You can also have the software auto top off for you.
  • The default gameplay sounds aren’t the greatest in the world, but there is a folder that you can change them if you want.
  • Animation speeds can be adjusted if you have a really low-end computer. Personally, I can’t tell any difference whether animations are on or off and I have an 8-year-old PC. I guess it just comes down to whether or not you like animations.

What Are the Maximum Number of Tables That Can Be Played at a Time?

For cash games, you can sit at a maximum of 12 tables at a time. I find this number to be the sweet spot. This keeps you from potentially having the same guy on every table and helps speed up the game, due to no mass multi-tabling. After all, hands per hour is important.

There is no limit in the number of tournament games that can be played. You can also mix in MTTs and they won’t count against your cash games. So you could technically play 12 cash games and 12 tournaments and still 24-table if that’s your desire.

What Are the Typical Game Speeds Like?

The cash game speeds tend to be middle of the road on the site. For 9-max full ring games, you can expect to play about 60 hands per hour while in 6-max you should be able to play 75 hands an hour on average. You should have no difficulty maintaining an adequate hands per hour at Sportsbetting Poker.

Unfortunately, a Time Bank was recently added as a feature which could potentially slow things down a bit. Even so, the lack of mass multi-tablers should mitigate this from becoming a huge issue.

Multi-Tabling Features and Options

The software on Sportsbetting Poker has a nice built-in feature that allows a player to tile or cascade their tables. After the recent updates, I find that the tables are responsive no matter what size you choose.

Betonline Sportsbetting Tiling Cascade Features
Multi-Tabling Features

The one change I would like to see is that you can change the default x and y ratios so that you can manipulate your playing space to better fit the tables into your desired multi-tabling scheme.

In other words, it’d be nice to make your tables more of a square than a rectangle. This isn’t a deal breaker by any means, just on the wish list of a hopeless multi-tabling grinder.

Are Short Stacks Allowed?

The standard minimum buy-in is 40 big blinds, which allows someone to semi-short stack if they so desire. There are also 50bb tables that have a 20 big blind minimum, but they don’t run that often.

Even so, mid stackers or CAP stackers, like me, do fine on this network. That has a lot to do with the excessive amount of loose, fishy calls that are in abundance.

Do HUDs Work on Poker Site?

Sportsbetting Poker does not technically have direct support for
Hold’em Manager and Pokertracker. Therefore, many players do not use a HUD on the site or they use Hold’em Indicator.

However, there is a solution to the problem via the Chico Hands Converter or the Sportsbetting Poker Card Catcher.  These products convert the hand histories in real time so that you can use your normal HUD during play.

The nice thing is that if your opponent’s do not know about these products, you will have a big edge.

Social Features

There are not a lot of social features on this site. For example, Ignition has lightning bolts or fireworks that go off when a hand is won. While some players love these features, most grinders turn them off since they can be a distraction.

Sportsbetting Poker just has your typical, yet attractive, chat window for players that like to chat it up at the tables.

Chat Window

Buddy List

This is a feature I wish they would do away with.

SportsBetting Poker allows you to track other players via a buddy list. I feel this unfairly allows sharks to track the fish and follow them around. I want the games to stay soft and it’s hard for that to happen when the software allows players to be preyed upon in this manner.

Ongoing Promotions & Added Value

The days of obtaining huge value from a poker site via fat Rakeback, VIP rewards, or bonuses is waning. Every year sites are slowly reducing VIP benefits and migrating to more of a recreational model.

Along with the other sites, Sportsbetting Poker is offering few extra rewards save for some monthly rake races and reload bonuses to keep their most active players satisfied.

Here are ongoing promotions that you can take advantage of at Sportsbetting Poker:

  • Daily Cash Race Challenge
  • Weekly MTT Leaderboard Challenge
  • Weekly SNG Leaderboard Challenge
  • Reload Bonuses
  • Bad Beat Jackpot

Please visit the site to see the latest promotions.

What Are Sportsbetting Comp Points?

Comp points are basically a watered-down version of VIP points. For every cent generated in cash games you get one comp point and for every $1 paid in tournament fees, you get 100 comp points.

The points have no actual cash value but can be used to buy in to specific tournaments. How much this counts as “rakeback” to you depends on how good you are as a tournament player.

My rough calculations are that comp points count for about 3% rakeback.

Are There Reload Bonuses?

Rarely will you see a poker reload bonus. However, there are typically numerous Casino or Sports Betting bonuses available to players.

The only reliable poker bonus is the initial deposit bonus of 100% up to $1,000. (Click here to get your bonus)

How Is the Bad Beat Jackpot?

If you are playing on a bad beat jackpot table and four Jacks or better is beaten by another hand, all players at the table get a share of the jackpot. Here are the payouts:

  • 17.5% goes to the player with the bad beat
  • 12.5% goes to the winner
  • 10% is split among the rest of the table
  • 35% goes toward the next bad beat jackpot
  • 15% goes toward administrative fees

There is no cap to how high it can grow, here is where you find out the current jackpot on your tables.

BBJ At Top of Qualifying Tables

Rake Rules

As is standard with most other poker sites, no rake is taken before the flop nor in uncalled pots. This works the same in both No-Limit Hold’em and Omaha games.

Sportsbetting Poker uses a fixed schedule to calculate rake. The rake is based on the limit of the table and the number of seats in play.

Sportsbetting Poker Rake Schedule

Fixed Limit Games
Stakes / LimitRake / PotMax Rake
$0.10 / $0.20$0.01 / $0.20 in pot $0.20
$0.25 / $0.50$0.01 / $0.20 in pot $0.40
$0.50 / $1.00$0.01 / $0.20 in pot $0.50
$1 / $2 up to $15 / 30
2 Players$0.01 / $0.20 in pot$1.00
3 Players$0.01 / $0.20 in pot$2.00
4 Players$0.01 / $0.20 in pot$2.50
5+ Players$0.01 / $0.20 in pot$3.00
No Limit & Pot Limit Games
Stake levels: $5/$10 and $10/$20
2 Players$0.01 / $0.18 in pot $1.00
3 Players$0.01 / $0.18 in pot $2.00
4 Players$0.01 / $0.18 in pot $3.00
5+ Players$0.01 / $0.18 in pot $5.00
Stake level $2/$5
2 Players$0.01 / $0.18 in pot $1.00
3 Players$0.01 / $0.18 in pot $2.00
4 Players$0.01 / $0.18 in pot $3.00
5+ Players$0.01 / $0.18 in pot $4.00
$0.05 / $0.10 up to $1 / $2
2 Players$0.01 / $0.18 in the pot$1.00
3 Players$0.01 / $0.18 in pot $2.00
4 Players$0.01 / $0.18 in pot $2.50
5+ Players
$0.01 / $0.18 in pot $3.00
Rake is subject to change anytime, be sure to check the site for the most updated schedule.

Does Sportsbetting Poker Have Rakeback?

Rakeback is not directly offered for Sportsbetting Poker. However, this is not really something to worry about if you are used to depending on rakeback to have a decent hourly rate.

This is because you can play a lot of tables in a really soft atmosphere. This more than makes up for the extra kickback that you may have needed on a site like America’s Cardroom.

It’s much better to have your hourly rate come from actually having a high win-rate rather than relying rakeback and bonuses to make any money.

Who Is the Target Audience on
Sportsbetting Poker?

I would refer to Sportsbetting Poker as a site that tries to make everyone happy. They attempt to limit HUD use to help the fun players while allowing a few perks for the players who play either partially or fully for a living.

  • Fun players enjoy a cordial atmosphere, good-looking software, and a multitude of additional things to do such astable gaming and sports betting.
  • Grinders enjoy well-designed lag-free software, which is awesome for multi-tabling, and really good game selection. This allows a pro to maintain a decent hourly rate and keep coming back.

It’s my opinion that this network seems to be working hard to find a nice balance between appealing to winning poker players and your average Joe. While I do think there is room for improvement, they are doing a lot better than some other poker sites out there.

Should I Play on Sportsbetting Poker?

No matter your background, there should be something on the site to make you happy. The site has a positive atmosphere for the recreational players, allowing them to not be preyed on quite as much as other sites. At the same time, there’s just enough (maybe barely) to keep the regulars happy.

The bottom line is that I believe Sportsbetting Poker is worth a try for just about everyone.

Why Should I Trust Your Opinion on
Sportsbetting Poker?

I am a real player who has been around the game for over 10 years. I am a best-selling poker author and have spent countless hours teaching and researching better ways of playing poker. I have learned what it takes to win on every poker site and am giving that information away for free to anyone willing to listen.

I have played literally millions of hands on just about every poker network out there. Through hard work, I have managed to become a marginally big winner along the way. Here is the graph from my brief play in 2018.

2018 Jim Automatic Poker Graph

A Brief History of Sportsbetting Poker

Sportsbetting.ag began in 2001 under the name Best Line Sports. In 2007, the company changed its name to BetOnline.com. However, due to legal issues, they moved to BetOnline.ag.

Interestingly, BetOnline eventually restarted the SportsBetting.ag brand by making it a skin on the same network.

Currently, BetOnline and SportsBetting are basically the same poker company and have the same management and people working there. It is unclear why they are split into two skins.

The company operates out of Panama City and are licensed within the same jurisdiction. Ironically, players living in Panama cannot play on either skin.

In 2016 both BetOnline and SportsBetting poker are no longer technically part of the Chico network. Even though they do share player pools outside of the two sites, they may have different software.

Suggested Strategy

Having maintained a reasonably high win-rate on this network, I have learned a lot about the way the games play. Here are 3 basic tips that will help you beat the games on this network.

  1. Play Exploitative Poker
    Forget about balancing save for when playing against the best regs. Instead, look to use an opponent’s HUD stats to exploit their weaknesses. If an opponent seems tight, then steal close to 100%. Of course, if you happen to see someone who appears to be adjusting and stealing often as well, then 3-bet bluff with a higher frequency. In general, don’t be concerned about c-betting too much or folding to 3-bets too often. The truth is that most regs aren’t paying close enough attention to actually exploit you in a meaningful way. Just get good at profiling your opponents and make exploitative adjustments quickly during play.
  2. Buff Less, Value Bet More
    Because of the overall loose-passive nature of the site, you usually do not want to make a habit of running too many complicated multi-street bluffs. Instead, value bet with a much wider range than normal. I recommend having a bet-fold mentality with all of your medium strength hands. The main thing is to not get caught with the 2nd best hand when faced with aggression from your typical passive reg or loose fish.
  3. Use a HUD
    I can’t stress the importance of this enough. You need to be able to make quick reads on your opponents. Either use Hold’em Manager with a card catcher and a simple HUD like Hold’em Indicator. The former will give you extremely detailed stats while the latter will give you a basic idea of what your opponents are doing. It’s your choice which method you opt for.

Related Questions

Is it legal to play poker online? For US players, it’s never been illegal to play on the Chico network or anywhere else. There is no federal law that prohibits an individual from online gambling or poker. However, there are two states, Kentucky and Washington, that have anti-online poker laws on the books. Also, most poker sites will not let you play in a state where online poker is regulated.

Can you still make money playing poker? Yes, you can still make good money playing online poker. It just takes a bit more work to get to the point where you can win at the games. As time progresses, the average player is getting a bit better due to the evolution of poker strategy. This means you have to steadily improve and not let your game stagnate.

Are Sportsbetting Poker and BetOnline the same? For all intents and purposes, they are the same. They are just separate skins on the same poker network. The good news is that a person can have an account on both skins. this means you can grind out a deposit bonus twice.

How to Download Sportsbetting Poker?

Downloading the Sportsbetting client is easy. Just follow the link below and click the “play now” button. Then, you can create an account and download the poker client.

Sportsbetting Poker Summary

Overall, Sportsbetting Poker does everything well but nothing absolutely great. I do, however, love the software improvements. The graphics look up to date and actually now blow away some of the other major sites out there

I could see someone making this network their permanent home. I mean they have everything someone who dabbles in all of the games needs. You can play cash, MTTs, SNGs, casino games. You can even bet on sports. It’s basically a one stop shop.

By the way, since Sports Betting Poker is basically the same site as BetOnline, I actually recommend having an account on both skins in order to take advantage of the deposit bonus twice. This is known as “bonus whoring” and is something a lot of pros do to bolster their hourly rate.

Final Thoughts

I don’t get much time to play anymore and instead write about poker and try to find ways to improve the lives of poker players. I give honest reviews of poker products and sites. With the limited choices in poker sites today, Sportsbetting poker is a really good option. It’s, in fact, the best option if you want to use a Hold’em Manager or Pokertracker HUD. Otherwise, go with Ignition.

With the limited choices in poker sites today, Sportsbetting Poker is a really good option. It’s, in fact, the best option if you want to use a Hold’em Manager or Pokertracker HUD and have soft games. Otherwise, go with America’s Cardroom for tougher games or Ignition Poker for the softest games around.

A Quick Note About Affiliates

It took me a lot of hours (actually 3 days) to write this review. I tried to only include details that I would want to know before joining a new poker site. I left out a lot of the fluff that other reviews include just to bolster their word count. If I missed something, please let me know in the comments.

If you appreciate my honesty and the hard work I’ve done please click on one of the signup links in this review. That way I get a few pennies from the poker site for my hard work. It would make my day.


If you have heard all you need to know and are ready to play, then click the link below to claim your sign-up bonus. Thanks for reading and good luck at the tables!

Jim James
Jim James

Jim is the author of the best-selling book called Automatic Poker. He has been playing professionally for over 15 years and has helped countless people become winning poker players. Using a no-nonsense mathematical and logical approach to beating the games, Jim has helped demystify what it takes to win money in No-Limit Hold’em.
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