Winning Poker Network Review & Bonus Info

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If you live in the US or are looking for an alternative to Pokerstars, I have the network for you. Founded on the exact “old” model of Pokerstars, which had the Supernova Elite VIP system. WPN has pretty much the exact equivalent on their sites. Additionally, there is  the Beast, which is an extremely valuable rake race. The two flag ship sites are America’s Cardroom and Black Chip poker, which share player pools and both offer the same numerous rewards and promotions to their players.

After playing for years on this network, and placing top 10 in the Beast numerous times, here are the 3 biggest reasons I recommend trying out The Winning Poker Network.

#1. The Best Value For US Players
American’s only have a limited selection of poker sites to choose from. If you are the type of player that likes to be rewarded for the hours you put into playing on a site, then America’s Cardroom or Black Chip Poker were designed specifically for you.  A variety of ongoing promotions, including the beast and rakeback or VIP system, will pay out to you consistently and add significantly to your win-rate.  The more you play, the more you get paid back!

#2. Reliable & Secure
America’s Cardroom as well as Black Chip Poker have built their reputation around providing a safe and secure environment for their customers.  With state of the art encryption technology, you can be sure your winnings will be there for you with quick pay out.

#3. A Great Home Away From Home For Pokerstars Players
If you miss your old Pokerstars days, then you will feel right at home at ACR or BCP. Everything from the rewards system to the software, feels vaguely familiar. There is a good reason for this! The network was almost exactly modeled after the most wildly successful site in the world, Stars.

Coupon for a $1,000 bonus from America's Cardroom

Coupon for a $1,000 bonus from Black Chip Poker



Icon of 2.5 stars reflecting the softness of America's Cardroom and Black Chip Poker

When compared to other US sites, ACR and BCP have the toughest player pool around.  However, the games are still beatable if you use good table selection. Via the beast, being a rakeback pro is very possible on WPN.


Icon of 4.5 stars reflecting the traffic of America's Cardroom and Black Chip Poker

The 2nd most traffic for US sites by and currently in the top 10 in the world. Games tend to run around the typical US schedule, with evenings being the peak times and morning being the slowest.


Icon of 5 stars reflecting the value of America's Cardroom and Black Chip Poker

The highest value available for US players.  The more you play, the more value you get. If you are a low volume player, I recommend rakeback. If you play more than just a recreational player, you are likely better of going with the VIP system. Cashing in the beast adds a ton of value each week!


Icon of 4.5 stars reflecting the software quality of America's Cardroom and Black Chip Poker

A bit more of a resource hog than many other poker sites, but still not too bad. There are a plethora of features to ease table selection and game play. I would have to say that, overall, this is probably my favorite software since Pokerstars.


Icon of 4 stars reflecting the overall rating of America's Cardroom and Black Chip Poker

The amazing value more than makes up for the lack of softness on the network.  The ability to make a ton of money from the beast and reward system, if you put in the hours. The only detractor is perhaps the lackluster tournament schedule. Even so, this network is worth a look, especially if you are an ex-stars player.
Note about the ratings:  A site’s softness and value are 2x weighted due to their direct impact on a players win-rate.

A Beast Of A Review

Having played hundreds of thousands of hands on America’s Cardroom, I find it to be one of the most fun networks to grind on.  Numerous features make mass multi-tabling a breeze, and the immense value is worth playing for, especially if you have a lot of hours to pour into it.  They allow you to play 24 cash game tables at once and due to the high traffic on the site, you can usually achieve this number, especially at peak hours.

Back a couple of years ago I was a Beast chaser.  I was able to achieve as high as 3rd place, with a number of top 5 and top 10 finishes as well.  I had some of my most profitable weeks on America’s Cardroom and it’s still my go to place if I want to put in a ton of hands and be rewarded for my effort from the VIP and other promotions offered by the network.

While not as friendly for recreational players as the other US networks, the Winning Poker Networks is showing signs of trying to make their product more attractive to fun players.  They now offer a casino and sportsbook and have changed the way the Beast system works to make the games a bit more beatable for everyone.

So, if you like poker sites that is reputable, gives their players  a ton of value, has great customer service, and fast payouts, then the Winning Poker Network is for you.  Sign up today and give them a try, and be sure to drop me a line and let me know what you think.

Target Audience

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The winning poker network was built around the Pokerstars VIP system after Black Friday.  It was obvious they wanted to attract all of the hardcore grinders that no longer had a place to play anymore after that fateful day.  The setup worked as WPN is now the 2nd largest network in the US and 10th in the world.

I would recommend this site to anyone that wants to put in a lot of volume, but if you are a  player that is either new or likes to play just a single table or two at the time, I would advise that you try Betonline or Ignition Poker instead.  However, if you like a challenge and your goal is to out think and beat strong players, America’s Cardroom or Black Chip Poker is your site of choice.

Site Features

1. Hand Histories & Opponent tracking:  America’s Cardroom and Black Chip Poker directly support  Hold’em Manager,  Pokertracker, and Hold’em Indicator.  You will have no problem getting your HUD of choice to work.

2. Customization Features: There are multiple features available on the Winning Poker Network, here are the highlights:

  • The ability to auto muck your cards, as well as wait for the big blind, are available.
  • You can choose from four different stock decks including 4 color decks or the traditional 2 color option, or use your own custom deck.
  • There are numerous standard themes available (22 on Americas Cardroom and 14 on Black Chip Poker).  You can choose anything from sleek “Pokerstarsesque” themes to tropical or even choose a moonscape.  Feel free to add in your own custom theme as well.
  • Numerous auto buy-in features as well as auto top off, which automatically replenishes your stack when it is diminished.
  • The default sounds are pretty standard for what you find on most poker sites.  You can manually change them via the sounds folder if you desire.
  • Animation can be adjusted or turned off completely, for better performance.

3. Value: The high direct rakeback or high effective rakeback via the VIP system would be enough to rate this site high on the “valuemeter.”  But, add in the ongoing Beast promotion plus frequent reload bonuses, and you get over the top crazy value that is hard to beat.

A cartoon illustration of a hand holding a bad of money illustrating the high value obtained from America's Cardroom or Black Chip Poker

Ongoing Promotions

  • The Beast Rake Race
  • Sit & Crush Rake Race
  • Elite Benefits Loyalty Rewards
  • Frequent Reload Bonuses
  • High Guarantee Sunday Tournaments

4. Rakeback?: Both sites offer 27% rakeback.  If you are an occasional player only, then the rakeback deal will be much better for you.  However, if you play a moderate to high amount of hours per week, the VIP will likely yield bigger rewards for you.  I suggest that you go for rakeback at first, and if you decide that you are putting in the necessary volume to make the VIP system more lucrative, take advantage of the one time switch they offer.  Just keep in mind that they only allow you to make this change one time. If you decide to start out with the VIP system, use bonus code: “CAPSTACK”

5. Multi-Tabling Features: You can tile or cascade by pressing a button contained on the tables.  You will also find that the tables are responsive and you can make them any shape or size, as long as it’s rectangle or square.  You will find that you can easily streamline your multi-tabling scheme in any way that you desire.  AHK will have no trouble working on the software, I have used Table Tamer on it for years and it works very well.

6. Software:  The software is a bit bulky and will likely lag non-high end machines if you try mass multi-tabling.  Otherwise, the overall look is attractive and functional, with the ability to create custom skins.

7. Social Features: The software is definitely built to appeal to grinders.  There are no special social features or avatars available.  Hardly anyone ever talks in chat, likely due to so many players mass multi-tabling and hogging seats.  There are a few themes that might appeal to fun players, but other than that, the software is built with all the bells and whistles for the multi-tablers.  If you prefer a more social atmosphere, we suggest Ignition or Betonline.

8. Maximum Tables For Cash Games:  Players can be seated at 24 cash game tables at once.  This allows for plenty of hands per hour to seriously contend for the Beast anytime you choose.

9. Mobile Gaming: Mobile gaming has now been added for America’s Cardroom and Black Chip Poker in 2016!  Now, no matter where you are, you can get in some hands.

10. Short Stack Friendly: While the standard table buy-in is 40bbs, there are short 50bb tables available with a 20bb minimum buy-in as well as 30bb CAP tables.  These games do not run nearly as often as the regular tables, but they do run often enough to mix in some of your volume there.  This is not the greatest network to short stack on, but not the worst either.  I was able to achieve a slight win-rate while 30-40 tabling (back before the 24 cap was put into place) on America’s Cardroom as I chased the beast, proving that there is an edge to be had for short or CAP stackers.

A cartoon image of a mouse carrying a bag of money representing the short stack friendliness of America's Cardroom and Black Chip Poker



America’s Cardroom and Black Chip Poker could definitely make some obvious improvements and attract a lot wider audience of players.  However, they are very good at catering to the players their sites are currently geared toward, the multi-tabling high hands per hour grinder.  The Winning Poker Network is one of the last bastions of rakeback pro potential.

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Use bonus code “AUTORB” to receive 27% rakeback!

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A sign up button for Black Chip Poker

Use bonus code “AUTORB” to receive 27% rakeback!

Site FAQ

Is The Site Legal?
It’s not illegal for most US citizens to play on the Winning Poker Network.  There is no federal law that stops Americans from playing online poker. However, Washington and Kentucky do have state laws against any form of online gambling.Is Online Poker Rigged?
No. America’s Cardroom Poker & Black Chip Poker have a vested interest in maintaining the integrity of their games.  Anyone who says the games are nor fair or “rigged”, are probably just bad players looking for a reason to excuse their losses.Is My Money Safe?
Yes.  There has never been a credible case of anyone getting legitimately cheated by The Winning Poker Network.  Fast, hassle free payouts and a stellar reputation among players over the past years point in the direction of WPN being solvent and here to stay indefinitely.

What are all of the deposit options?
Many options are available for depositing at America’s Cardroom or Black Chip Poker:

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Western Union/MoneyGram
  • BillPay
  • Bitcoin

Is there a cash-out fee?
The Winning Poker Network has several strong options for fast withdrawals.  The most unique being a debit card that you sign up for with them, and then they transfer directly to it.

  • WU/MG- $60-$70, Min: $100 Max: $300  Warning: The fee is way too high to make this a valid option
  • Bitcoin- Free, Min: $25 Max: $25,000
  • Debit Card- $5 Monthly Fee, Min: $100 Max: $2,500
  • Check by Mail- $25, Min: $50 Max: $2,500
  • Bankwire- $65, Min: $100 Max: $3,000
  • Player To Player: Free, Min: $1 Max: $1,000/24h

I am a tournament player, is America’s Cardroom & Black Chip Poker a good choice?
The winning poker network has a rapidly improving tournament schedule.  They offer the “Big 10” guaranteed tournaments daily ranging from a 1k guaranteed all the way up to a 15k guaranteed as well.  A robust Sunday schedule is available as well, including a 25k gtd.  Overall, the fields are moderately soft and beatable by any standard strategy.

Occasionally, there is even a million dollar guarantee, with life-changing money to the top finishers.  Numerous satellites often run to give players of all bankrolls to compete in higher buy-in events.

If you are an SNG player, there is a promotion called “Sit & Crush”, which is a weekly rake race similar to the Beast.  Micro, small, and mid-stakes players will have no trouble getting a game and heads up SNGs run all the way up to the nosebleed $1,235 buy-in stakes.

How About PLO?
There is a definite lack of high stakes PLO games on the Winning Poker Network, however, there are plenty of tables available at lower levels.  There are even no limit games running at times, which add a very interesting dynamic.  Talk about a lot of action.

Use bonus code “AUTORB” for either site to receive 27% rakeback!