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Hello and welcome! My name is Jim James and I am glad you decided to stop by.

Automatic Poker is a poker system that teaches people how to improve at the game as quickly as possible while playing less than 50 big blinds. I am best known for my best-selling book called (you guessed it), Automatic Poker. I also have a channel on YouTube.

I created this cash game strategy to help regular people learn to play better faster. My basic premise is to use the fundamentals of poker, which I identified in my book, to build a poker game that takes advantage of all the mistakes of our opponents. Not sexy or flashy, but very effective.

My Story

I have been playing poker in my spare time since 2007. I built my one-time deposit of $50 into a nice side income, which really helped me and my wife through some tough times as a young couple with children.

Throughout the years, I have used poker to supplement my day job. I am NOT a full-time poker pro. The thought of that kind of grind does not appeal to me.

Back in 2011, I decided not to cash out for a year and go for Supernova Elite on Pokerstars.  In order to maximize the frequent player points I could earn with a minimal bankroll, I toyed around with the idea of short stacking.

After attaining Supernova for the first time and being ahead of Elite pace, April 15, 2011, happened.. Black Friday. The top 3 sites were shut down to US players and my dream of Supernova Elite evaporated.

After taking some time off from the game, I deposited $50 on the Cake Poker network and started over. But I realized I just didn’t have the time to study and compete with 100bb pros.

So, I decided to look for an easier way. Over a few weeks, I developed my own system of play which involved playing loose-aggressive with a 30 big blind stack… unheard of at the time.

In about 75,000 hands I had turned that $50 into $4,000 and knew I had stumbled upon something special. Rather than focusing on playing and moving up, I began writing down what I had learned. Games on the Cake Network rarely ran above 100NL.

My book, Automatic Poker was the result of those writings.

Fast-forward to 2018, I began creating courses to help others get better more quickly at poker. In 2019, I launched the Automatic Poker Academy. It was a huge success.

I now help normal people, with day jobs, families, and lives beyond poker, win more money at the table as a hobby and side income.

I currently play small to mid-stakes across multiple sites. Here is my graph, positional stats, and win rate by stake over the past few years.”

A screen capture of Jim James poker graph for the last few years, it shows about $70,000 in earnings over almost 1 million hands
Jim James positional poker stats over the past few years or almost 1 million hands. His win rate was just above 5 big blinds per 100 hands.
A screen capture of Jim James win rate for all of the stakes he played over the past few years from 2NL all the way to 600NL

These results account for about 1500 hours of play, about $30/hr after rakeback. Not bad for a part-time amateur poker player with a day job and 3 kids.

If I can do this, anyone can.  It just takes a little work, dedication, and a love for the game.

jim james


What Is the Purpose of This Site?

Automaticpoker.com is designed to provide all the tools necessary to improve at poker via our poker academy, articles, comprehensive guides, videos, and articles. It is a place both for learning and poker enrichment for those who have read my book, Automatic Poker, or those who found this site via other channels.

Proven Results

Through a focus on the fundamentals of poker, there is no easier way to improve at poker than by using the Automatic Poker method. The good thing is that there is no trick or magic bullet. All you have to do is follow a few fundamentals and then just learn to adjust to your opponents based on what they are doing.

The Poker Academy

In 2019, Jim opened the doors to the Automatic Poker Academy which allows players to begin at square one and build their poker game from scratch. There is no easier way to go from beginner to intermediate.

The academy is a series of courses that provide a step-by-step turnkey method of learning. Anyone joining the academy enters the basic program and learns to build a fundamentally strong poker foundation.

Those that successfully complete the basic courses are eligible to continue on and upgrade to the intermediate strategy. There, students learn to use reads on their opponents to counter what their opponents are doing via targetted adjustments.

What About the Book, What Exactly Would It Teach Me?

  • In the early stages of the book, the author will familiarize you with the basics of poker theory as well as the core fundamentals that characterize any strong poker game
  • You are then provided with a chart-based basic system that shows you exactly what to do in every single situation faced.  It will ingrain fundamentals into your game through the repetition of checking, betting, or raising as you use the charts in actual play.
  • Once you have the basic charts down, your game will have transformed both fundamentally and strategically as you begin to think like a winning professional poker player.
  • The rest of the book will then be dedicated to the more complex intermediate strategy which is the cornerstone of the book’s teaching. Going forward, you begin adjusting your play based on the tendencies of your opposition rather than a static system of play.
  • Each chapter will hone a particular aspect of your game whether it be 3-betting, 4-betting, calling, or the value-based betting system. You will also learn how to set up your computer for winning sessions, manage your bankroll, and tackle the mental side of poker.

What Games Will I Learn to Play?

Automatic Poker strategies are built for No-Limit Hold’em short-handed play with six players or less on the table. However, if you are a full-ring player, you can easily adapt this knowledge for 9 or 10-handed play with just a few adjustments, covered in the book.

No matter what game you play, Automatic Poker has relevance for you. Many of the concepts covered are fundamental to all poker games and can easily be translated to improve your play.

This Sounds Way Too Good to Be True, How Do I Know the Strategy Works?

Automatic Poker is not a gimmick. The ideas laid out by the author are based on tried and true fundamentals that make up sound strategies employed by winning players. The book consolidates the basics of poker and provides a simple method for learning and implementing those ideas into your own game. The strategies found in Automatic Poker are based on real-world play by the author over the last two years. He recently used the exact strategies to complete a bankroll building challenge which will act as an example of what one can expect to experience when implementing the concepts found in the book.

I Hate Short Stackers, Why Would I Want to Become One???

There reason people dislike short stackers is that they are very difficult to beat. This is because they are using math to counter and exploit the pre-flop ranges of full-stacked players. Even so, pre-flop shoving is only a very small part of any short stacking system.

Contrary to popular belief, professional short stackers are not solely relying on charts. Whether a LAG or a TAG, these players are relying on poker concepts and fundamentals that make up any sound strategy. They call, raise, check, bet, and play by the same rules while posting the same blinds as everyone else. The major difference is that they face much fewer difficult decisions than bigger stacks. Their commitment level is lower and they do not have to worry about session-ruining coolers since they have less money in play.

Because of the more straightforward nature of decisions, short stacking offers players the opportunity to learn the game by simply following a few key fundamentals and implementing simple basic strategies which are easily repeatable. Even if you don’t want to become a full-time short stacker, the concepts found in Automatic Poker can be used as a stepping stone to any style of poker you want to play.

What Are Some of the Advantages of Playing a Small to Mid Sized Stack?

I cover this in great detail within the book, but here are a few reasons it is advantageous to employ a short stack while learning the game.

  • Opponents will have difficulty countering your strategy if they don’t understand short stacking.
  • It’s easier to learn an optimal 3-betting strategy.
  • With less money in play, mistakes are less punitive.
  • You will face fewer difficult decisions.
  • You obtain an inherent beneficial image.
  • Other players cannot effectively set mine you.
  • Simpler bankroll management and the ability to play higher stakes with less money.
  • Variance is softened with less money behind.

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