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Welcome to Automatic Poker. Helping players win at NL Hold’em cash games.

What Is Automatic Poker?

Simplified Learning

Automatic Poker is a short stacking system designed around the core fundamentals of poker. All strategies are solidly based in theory with a focus on simplifying and clarifying the learning process.

Turn Key Strategy

My easy to follow charts can be easily absorbed and immediately used at the tables by anyone, even complete novices. The goal is to build a solid foundation and then incrementally build in more advanced concepts as you go.

A Focus On Winning

Many other strategies are only good at showing you how to talk poker. Automatic Poker is solely focused on teaching you the path of least resistance to actually winning money at the poker tables.

Who is Automatic Poker For?

Poker Novices

Those just starting out will find the simplicity and straightforward learning process attractive. With a focus on a clear-cut path to profit, my goal is to take you from beginner to winner in the fastest way possible.


If you are a veteran player who is looking for an alternative method, Automatic Poker was designed specifically for you! Our proven strategies have been honed over untold hours spent at the tables. We are only interested in results.

MTT/SNG Players

No matter what variant of poker you play, cash game proficiency will make anyone a more rounded player. My under 50 big blind strategy will help you master perfect shoving and reshoving ranges as well as post-flop tactics that can increase your ROI.
A Short Stacker’s Guide

“I spent most of my time playing sit and goes and tournaments but wanted to transition to cash games. If your like me or are just starting to play poker then playing with a shorter stack makes a lot of sense. 100 big blind stacks can be pretty awkward to play with and very easy to make costly mistakes with. Short stacking simplifies things and Automatic Poker is the best info I’ve seen on playing with a short stack”


“It’s pure and very sound strategy!
I played 10k hands so far, but was able to grow my bankroll from $50 to $115 and achieve Chrome star in one month while profiting for the first time.
I was a losing player before started playing Automatic Poker, as you can figure by my excitement with these small(?) achievements (not so small, actually. Can’t think of any bank investment that could more then double your money in only one month).”


“‘Automatic Poker’ is a simple and direct approach to getting someone playing winning poker. The theories are touched on but most importantly they are applied, used, and presented in a way that will benefit a reader of all skill levels…. this ‘strategy’ isnt about hype or false promises of making millions of dollars… ‘it’ is about grinding, working hard, and developing skills and winning mindsets and approaches to playing and studying this style of poker the author is teaching.”


“This book is not just about shortstacking; it offers a great strategy for beginners (position and aggression) to start off and winning with… as a long time TAG shortstacker, I was very impressed by the accuracy of the preflop strategies that confirmed my own. I was enlightened by the loose yet profitable (more important than preflop) postflop strategies that will bring my game to a much higher level..”


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