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A 100 big blind starting stack creates unnecessary complications.

A 30 to 40 big blind starting stack makes winning easier.
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“Automatic Poker is a simple and direct approach to winning poker. The theories are applied, used, and presented in a way that will benefit a reader of all skill levels. It isn't about hype or false promises."

Adam R.

“I spent most of my time playing SNGs and tournaments but wanted to transition to cash games. Playing with a shorter stack makes a lot of sense since 100 big blind stacks can be pretty awkward. It's very easy to make costly mistakes. Short stacking simplifies things and Automatic Poker is the best I’ve seen...”

Nate B.

"Automatic Poker is not just about short stacking; it's a great strategy for beginners to start off winning. As a long time TAG shortstacker, I was very impressed by the accuracy of the preflop strategies. I was enlightened by the loose yet profitable postflop strategies that have brought my game to a much higher level..”​

Mike P.

Sure, people generally hate short stacks. But would you rather be popular at the tables or have a higher win-rate?

Virtually all poker decisions in one small chart. Seem too good to be true? 

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