Automatic Poker Strategy Book

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Automatic Poker, an Amazon bestseller, is a basic to intermediate poker strategy book designed to give all poker players a fresh avenue for success at the tables. It has proven to be one of the best cash game poker books on the market in its ability to teach players to be profitable.

The book’s primary focus is to build a strong fundamental foundation before diving into how to use that information to counter the opposing strategies of a variety of opponents types. Whether you are fairly new to the game or a veteran grinder looking to try something different, anyone can benefit from the Automatic Poker Method. 

Automatic Poker will benefit a wide variety of backgrounds. Whether new to the game or a veteran grinder, our system will make you a more leak free and profitable player. Learning by short stacking works!

Included in the book:

  • Fundamental proficiency
  • Turnkey chart utilization
  • Dynamic opening and isolating ranges
  • Positional 3-bet and 4-bet shoving ranges
  • A comprehensive, yet beautifully simple, post-flop strategy
  • Adjusting based on table dynamics
  • Developing your own style and end game tactics
  • Improved tournament ROI

And much, much more.  We even help you get started playing poker with information on which poker sites to grind on, what software you need, and how to use it.

If you are serious about winning at online poker, you have to dedicate a portion of your time to learning. We offer you a variety of ways to improve your game via a progressive short stacking strategy that creates a strong foundation of core concepts.

  • By beginning with a short stack of less than 50 big blinds, many complicated decisions are eliminated.
  • Start you off with easy to follow charts that get you off on the right foot with the correct fundamentals.
  • Build upon that basic strategy and begin tailoring your strategies to exploit opponents to the max.
  • Automatic Poker will be your ongoing guide as you learn and move up through the stakes.

What The Book Teaches You

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.

Abraham Lincoln

In the early chapters the I cover the basics of poker and set you on the path to profitable play by providing for you a basic chart-based short stacking strategy.  Through the repetition of checking, betting, and raising the charts will ingrain in you the correct fundamentals exhibited by successful poker players.

The rest of the book is then spent teaching you how to adjust your game to other players via the intermediate strategy, which is initially chart-based, but then shows you how to evolve your game and move away from a static system.  By the end of the book, you will have all the tools necessary to automatically think your way through any poker decision and outplay your competition time after time. 

Innovative Approach To Teaching Poker

The book offers a multi-pronged approach to teaching which includes:

  • Pragmatic implementation of fundamentals
  • Specific strategies to incorporate into your game
  • Easy to follow charts
  • Numerous hand examplesSetup your computer for winning sessions
  • Build a concise and effective HUD
  • Identify, label, and exploit key opponent types
  • Manage your bankroll
  • Effectively control emotions for optimal play

Automatic Poker is about teaching you how to make money at poker. Period.


I was enlightened by the loose yet profitable (more important than preflop) postflop strategies that will bring my game to a much higher level (and profit) than a former nit shovebot like myself. A great book overall.” Mike Phan 

“This book is very practical and is written specifically for online poker. It is a great addition to any thinking player’s poker library.”  Christopher S. Froba 

Every poker decision we make should be a +ev decision, the purchase of this book was + ev for me.”  Paul E. Dzikowski
“I am mostly a tournament player but I have wanted to strengthen my cash came for a while now. If you are thinking you are not interested in short stack poker because it sounds like a gimmick, please think again.”Paul

I like the fact this book isn’t about hype or false promises of making millions of dollars, but about grinding, working hard, and developing skills and winning mindsets.”  Adam J. Reeve

“This is an excellent book for both beginning poker players & players that just want to learn a different style of play.”Andre H

Automatic Poker is delivered in both PDF and EPUB formats.