Finding out how much it costs to refelt a poker table can be a frustrating endeavor. As you have done your research, the majority of your search returns have probably brought you through endless realms of refelting pool tables. While they may seem similar, they are actually very different. So, we are here to help.

How much does it cost to refelt a poker table? Refelting a poker table can cost anywhere from $300 to $500. The expense depends on a number of variables, like functionality, size (number of players it seats), and type of fabric. Usually, unless you own a high-end poker table, it’s much cheaper to just replace it.

Typically, refelting is done by the owner (that’s you) or by specialized companies that sell home recreation tables such as pool, poker, and other tabled entertainment. Let’s go through the various factors.

Factors that Influence Cost of Refelting a Poker Table

Quality and quantity will drive most of the price. Exactly how much area needs to be covered, the type of material that will cover it, and if you plan to hire a professional are some of the key factors. 

Here is a breakdown of what all makes up that final price. Hopefully, by learning a bit about the various elements of refelting, you will be better prepared to make a judgment on whether it is worth it to refelt or quotes to refelt.

Square Feet

The size of the table is one factor that will determine the cost. Partially depending on size, the cost of the material will vary. Sometimes this is as small as a few dollars a square foot. 

Just be sure that whatever material you buy is enough to cover the whole playing area. To do so, check the dimensions of the order instead of assuming that the fabric is square. Lining up patterns or having to simply reorder more fabric is frustrating and increases the expense. 


The quality of the material will determine the cost of refelting as well. While Amazon sells some felts for under $30, others will be upwards of $100. While some of this difference is due to the size of the fabric order, the material itself will heavily influence the cost as well.


Felt, like this kind found on Amazon, is the most basic material that covers poker tables. It is smooth, reliable, and classic. It is also the most affordable. If you are looking to cater to one game, in particular, felt can be a good choice as many come with the game layout pre-printed on the material.

For games like Texas Hold ‘Em, this is a nice touch. To help protect felt against water damage, you might consider scotch guarding it. Otherwise, the soft material can seep up liquid.

Speed Cloth

Speed cloth is increasingly popular now. It is smooth and durable. It also has a great feel and card glide. One of the major benefits of speed cloth is that it is water-resistant and tends to last longer. The drawback is the price. Neither is too expensive on its own, but speed cloth will be about $15 for a 60″ x36″ section of cloth, felt can be about half of that. 

Here is some excellent speed cloth found on Amazon.

Deciding Whether to Hire or Tackle the Job Yourself

As you are aware there are many types of poker tables that range in size, shape, and style. Some are round, rectangular, and oval. Some poker tables do not have felt and some have removable centers that are easily replaced. It all comes down to whether you want to do the work, or you’d rather have someone else do it.

While it is recommended a professional does the refelting, it is possible to do it yourself.

Refelting a poker table can range between $300 to $500 for a small, simple felted poker table. However, it could be much more for high-end tables with expensive speed cloth. Gaining information on refelting a poker table is tricky since styles and sizes can vary wildly.

The easiest way to cut down the price of refelting a table is to simply do it yourself. That, however, can be a time-consuming process. If you are not sure of what to do or do not think you will have the equipment to do the job, consider hiring help. 

One way to know if you can manage to refelt a table on your own is to check out reliable instructions and see if you are able to manage the list of tasks. If your table came with instructions on how to refelt a table, like this Kestell handout, start with that. Otherwise, there are plenty of online sources that might be able to help.

The internet is full of forums where you will be able to get other details and hear about the steps people took to refelt their tables. If you are handy and think you are up to the challenge, go ahead! If your table is antique, you are not confident in your ability to complete this task, or you do not have the necessary tools, it might be best to opt for a professional job. 


There is a bit of disagreement about the best way to refelt a poker table. As a result, the list of required tools changes a bit. The most common advice, however, is to use the following tools:

The clamps are necessary as they will hold the material in place as you stretch it over the table. A 12 pack will cost a little less than $20. The pneumatic stapler, however, is more expensive. A high-quality pneumatic stapler can cost anywhere from $150-200. However, there are some options for much less, like this one found on Amazon.

A pneumatic stapler is necessary because most staplers will not be able to puncture the wood and layers of covers as well. Depending on the material your table is made from, a pneumatic stapler might not work, but it will, in most cases, and with all woods. 

Depending on your table, you might need something to pry the old cloth out with. This can be a simple scrapper. You might also need adhesive spray. These tools are easy to find and affordable. 


Covering one flat smooth surface is easy. If, however, your table has ridges, bumpers, or any other edge deviations that complicate the process, they will drive up the cost significantly. Not only will these small details require felt, but they necessitate more attention and craftsmanship to cover.

Does Your Table Come with a Warranty?

I know this sounds like a dumb question, but I want to be sure you haven’t overlooked this. Some companies offer a “tune-up” service when they sell a recreational table. Large companies that sell pool tables, poker tables, and others typically offer a “warranty” with their products. For a small fee, they will offer a free tune-up, or refelting, service.

So, if you have purchased your table from somewhere, check with that company before frantically running off in search of someone to do it for you. Chances are you can get a better deal with the company you bought from.

Another thing you may not have thought is that even if you purchased a poker table at a flea market or were given it as a gift, it’s worth looking into. Even if the warranty isn’t in force, they may at least be able to recommend a repairman.

And if you do decide to just replace the table, it is highly recommended that you look for a warranty or “tune-up” clause. It may help in the future when keeping up with maintaining your table. This is especially beneficial is you plan on having parties or children on or around your poker table.

What Is the Functionality of Your Table?

Some tables are built where they cannot come apart to be refelted. If you have one of these tables, it is possible that you’ll need to replace the whole thing. However, if you have one that is built to come apart, then you are in luck! Either way, the process may seem daunting to you, so don’t be afraid to seek professional help (especially if you want a second opinion before replacing your table).

While poker tables come in many options, several areas need to be looked at when looking to refelt. If you refelt the top, you may need to refelt the other areas so that it all matches. Examples include the 2-in-1 (dining/poker), 3-in-1(dining/poker/hockey), tables with leaves (With and without cup holders), tables with cup holders (insert), and your basic poker tables with no extra functionalities.

How Many Players Can Your Table Sit?

Typically, a poker table has enough seats for 10 players, at most. While there are some areas where players might be fitted in, a typical poker table is between the length of 92 to 104 inches, the width of 44 inches, and the average height of 30 inches. Note that the more players are at the table, the less playable room each of them has.

A good permanent poker table can range from approximately $500 to around $5,000 depending on the size of the table. Let’s say you have a large, casino-based, poker table. Compare buying one of those at $4,000 against refelting it for approximately $450? Which one would you choose?

Keep in mind as well, some companies charge for disassembly and reassembly. So if it must be taken apart and put back together, there may be another charge depending on the size of your table. There may also be the cost of transportation, as well, if your table needs to be picked up from its home, taken to the business and then returned.

What Type of Fabric Would You Like?

Your price will factor in what type of fabric you want on your table as well. If you want suede fabric, speed fabric, or other nylon types. Also, take into consideration if there are any specific styles that you would like your table refelted with.

Take into consideration the amount of fabric that you will need. Especially if you have a multiple functioning table. Some tables that have the racetrack built, contain drop-in cup holders. Inside the cupholders on the bottom is felt. Make sure if you refelt to go the extra step and take care of the extras so that your table has a uniform look.

Some companies offer felt that have the Vegas poker prints on them while others are plain. It was found that you can find that felt in your local art supply store. Be sure to get the appropriate felt meant for your table along with its correct size.

Will You Be Paying for Labor?

Professionally refelting any recreational tables are recommended. However, some people refelt their tables on their own. Always shop around but remember that labor does affect the cost in whatever you choose. Poker tables are no different. Do your research, check reviews, and reach out when you are shopping around. Services like Angie’s list might be a great place to start.

Can a Fold-up Table be Refelted?

Depending on what your folding table is made out of, you should be able to refelt it. In this scenario, however, it is almost definitely worth handling on your own. Folding tables are not expensive enough to be worth hiring help. Plus, for light wood, you probably do not need as serious of tools for staples to hold. 

If your folding table is made of a non-wood material, you might be able to use adhesive to cover or replace the old fabric. 

No matter what you are considering when looking to refelt a folding poker table, consider whether or not it is worth it. It might be more cost-effective to simply purchase a new one. If you are attached to the one you have or are trying to minimize your material waste, however, you can probably find a way to refelt a fold-up table effectively.

More Tips for the Do It Yourself Guy

If you are handy and have some experience fixing things, here are some tips for you.

  • Find out everything you can about your table. Nothing is worse than getting halfway through a project and you are unable to do anything about it because you did not get all the information needed.
  • When you have removed the felt, make sure to take out all of the original staples and tacks that are holding the felt. This prevents the new staples from hitting, bending, and is not properly holding your new felt tight.
  • Pull the felt as tight as you can. You do not want any wrinkles, creases, or feel loose.
  • Ensure that all areas that had felt are being covered in new felt. Depending on your table’s functionality, your table may need more than just the center refelted. Ensure that you have purchased enough fabric, and do not forget to refelt these pieces during the process. Especially if you have bought red velvet felt and your cup holders still have the original green felt.
  • When gluing, make sure to be very careful. You do not want bubbles and creases.
  • When you are done, sit and enjoy your newly refelted poker table!

When is it Cost-Prohibitive to Refelt a Poker Table?

The rule about “totaling” a car works pretty well for whether or not to refelt a table too. If the value of the refelting is greater than the cost of the table, consider getting another table. If you know how to refelt a table yourself and already have the materials, though, you can probably manage to refelt it on your own for less than the cost of the table, so it might be worth trying. 

For anyone with an ornate, antique, or otherwise valuable table, hiring a professional to refelt the table might be a good idea. Just like you wouldn’t turn a classic car over to an amateur mechanic, don’t leave a valuable poker table in the hands of an unskilled refelter. In this way, some of the more expensive refelting jobs are also the most worthwhile. 

Ultimately the price of refelting a table will depend on your skills and the specifications of the table.

In Comparison

In comparison, if the table you are looking to refelt is a small round poker table without any real functionality and it is not removable, it is recommended that you purchase another one. However, if your poker table has the functionality, it can come apart, and be repaired (tuned up); then your recommendation is refelting. Whether you do it yourself or you have a company do it is up to you. The result should still be the same.

For more, check out What Poker Tables Are Made Of – Building Material List.

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