The 10 Best Poker Shirts for Any Player

Finding the best poker shirt for a friend or loved one can be daunting if you aren’t a poker player yourself. It’s easy to get lost in the jargon and give up in confusion. Don’t worry, I have been a professional poker player for over 10 years and can show you exactly which to pick.

I have searched far and wide and chose the shirts that I would actually like to wear both at the poker table and in public. Enough talk, here are the 10 best poker shirts for any player.

#1. Warning Spontaneously Talks About Poker

If you need to give someone a not so subtle hint that you don’t need to constantly hear about the last poker game, then this is the perfect shirt. After all, there’s more to life than poker. Or is there?

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#2. I Don’t Even Fold My Laundry

This one has become a classic and one of the best-selling poker shirts in the world. This is perfect for people who love a lot of action at the table. In other words, they play A LOT of hands.

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#3. Poker Skills Loading

This clever shirt is great for online poker players who might occasionally play live. It certainly takes some adjusting to go from virtual opponents to real ones.

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#4. I Bought This Shirt With Your Money

Poker is a game about getting in other people’s heads and then taking their money. This shirt will make people do a double-take and wonder if they are being insulted.

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#5. Time Down. Fold. Repeat

Another great shirt for online poker players who are used to having a “time bank” that only lets them take so long on each poker action. Whoever wears this will surely get a chuckle from any fellow poker player wh sees it.

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#6. It’s Only Gambling When Losing

A lot of people in the world thing poker is gambling when it’s actually a game of skill. This shirt cleverly informs everyone while also establishing that the wearer crushes the games.

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#7. Mediocre Poker Player

This one might be hard for non-poker players to understand. Trust me, wearing this can have several uses in establishes an image at the poker table. In other words, people may actually wonder if the wearer is actually mediocre or just being modest.

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#8. Alert! Player on Tilt

Tilt means that a player is upset about losing at the table and is now playing crazy or poorly as a result. This shirt is great for players who have a bit of a temper and you want the world to be warned.

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#9. Nobody Cares What You Folded

No one likes a person who talks to much at the table. No one wants to hear a bad beat story or what kind of weak strategy their opponents are trying to justify. This shirt can make the wearer get bothered less often.

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#10. You Can’t Bluff Your Wife

This shirt speaks for itself. There really is no truer statement than the one this shirt is proclaiming.

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That’s it! I hope you have enjoyed browsing my selections for the best poker shirts for any player. Thanks for stopping by and happy hunting!