When I first ventured into the world of online casinos, the allure of the slot machines with their bright lights and captivating soundtracks was impossible to resist. But it didn’t take long for me to realize that not all slots are created equal.

Based on my experience and research into “RTP,” the best ten games to play on Ignition Casino are A Night with Cleo, Fast & Sexy, Reign of Gnomes, 777 Deluxe, Caesar’s Victory, CyberPunk City, Aztec’s Treasure, Diamond Dragon, Golden Gorilla, and Mystic Wolf.

These games combine high RTPs with engaging gameplay, increasing your chances of a favorable outcome. What is RTP, you might ask? Let’s quickly cover that.

How I Measure Payout – RTP Explained

RTP, or “Return to Player,” is a percentage indicating how much of the total wagered money a slot machine will pay back to players over time. For instance, an RTP of 96% suggests that, on average, a game returns $96 for every $100 wagered. It’s a measure of a game’s generosity and potential profitability.

This list will mostly focus on the games with the more generous RTP. After countless spins on Ignition Casino, I’ve managed to shortlist the slots that have been the most generous to me. Here’s my list of the top 10 best payout slots on Ignition Casino:

1. A Night With Cleo

A Night with Cleo Casino Game on Ignition

RTP: 95.98%
It’s not just the enchanting Egyptian theme that draws players in; the game also boasts an impressive RTP. Personally, this slot has always given me a steady stream of smaller wins, which keep my balance ticking over.

I have spent years playing on Ignition and have always had a good experience. In fact, it is where I now put in most of my volume. Newcomers get a really nice signup bonus. To see the latest bonus info, go here.

2. 777 Deluxe

RTP: 96.18%
Classic in appearance but modern in features, 777 Deluxe is a perfect blend of the old and new. The frequent bonus rounds and the potential for mystery symbols to turn into high-paying ones have often turned my modest bets into significant wins.

4. CyberPunk City

RTP: 95.9%
This futuristic slot has kept me on my toes with its bi-level bonus round and expanding wilds. The high volatility means you might experience dry spells, but the payouts can be monumental when they hit.

4. Golden Buffalo

Golden Buffalo Casino a Game on Ignition

RTP: 97.10%
This is one of the highest RTP slots I’ve encountered on Ignition. It’s no wonder that the wins seem to come more frequently, making it a personal favorite when I’m looking for a prolonged gaming session.

Golden Buffalo stands out for its impressive 4096 paylines, offering myriad ways to win. The immersive Native American theme and outstanding graphics provide an engaging gaming experience. Its high RTP signifies a good potential return over time, making it both entertaining and potentially rewarding.

5. Diamond Dragon

RTP: 94.8%
While the RTP might be a tad lower compared to others on this list, the expanding wilds and free spins have often led to back-to-back wins for me, making this slot well worth the investment.

6. Multiplier Man

RTP: 95.98%
The superhero theme is enticing, but the true allure lies in its stacked wilds and the Double X-Ray bonus feature. These unique elements have led to some unexpectedly high payouts in my experience.

7. Fast & Sexy

RTP: 95.96%
The racing theme is exhilarating, and the expanding wild reels rev up the winning potential. I’ve personally experienced significant payouts in the free spins feature when multiple expanding wilds hit.

8. Zombie FC

RTP: 95.9%
Combining football with zombies might sound odd, but it works. The cascading reels feature means that after a win, the symbols involved disappear, making way for new symbols and potential subsequent wins. This cascade effect has led to multiple consecutive wins for me on several occasions.

9. Caesar’s Victory

Caesars Victory Casino Game on Ignition

RTP: 96.3%
The Roman Empire is in full swing here. But what makes Caesar’s Victory stand out is its random progressive jackpot and multiplying wilds. I once snagged a hefty win using a small bet, thanks to the multiplying wilds.

Caesar’s Victory is widely popular due to its enticing theme centered around the grandeur of ancient Rome. Beyond aesthetics, it offers a captivating progressive jackpot and free spin features, keeping players on the edge of their seats. Its balanced combination of entertainment and rewarding potential makes it a standout choice for many players.

10. Reign of Gnomes

RTP: 96.28%
This fantasy-themed slot has been particularly kind to me with its “Golden Amulet Bonus” feature, which can lead to a flurry of free spins and multipliers.

How to Choose a Slot Based on Payouts

  1. Look at the RTP: A slot’s Return to Player percentage tells you how much of all wagered money will be paid back to players over time. Generally, anything above 95% is good.
  2. Understand Volatility: High volatility slots might not pay out as often, but when they do, it’s typically a more significant amount. Conversely, low volatility slots offer smaller, more frequent payouts. Depending on your bankroll and patience, choose accordingly.
  3. Personal Experience: Sometimes, statistics don’t tell the full story. Remember to play a slot for a decent amount of time to genuinely gauge its payout frequency and potential.
  4. Bonus Features: Slots with multiple bonus features or free spins often provide more opportunities to win.
  5. Bankroll Management: Always set a budget. If a slot isn’t paying out after a certain number of spins, maybe it’s time to try another.

In the end, the beauty of slots is their unpredictability. While my list is based on personal experience, every player will have a unique journey. So, dive into Ignition Casino’s vast slot library, find your favorites, and may the spins be ever in your favor!

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