As an avid player at Ignition Casino for years, I’ve discerned a golden rule for navigating games at online casinos. My advice is to focus on getting good at those games that lean less in the house’s favor.

Let’s cover 10 games that you should consider playing on Ignition Casino today:

1. Blackjack- The Evergreen Table Game

A favorite among many, Blackjack’s appeal lies in its optimal odds, which can go from 0.42% to a mere 1.5%.

Basic Blackjack Strategy

  • Always stand on 17 or higher.
  • Double down on 11, unless the dealer sports an Ace.
  • Split when you get pairs of 8s and Aces.
  • Avoid taking insurance.

2. Craps- Rolling the Dice to Fortune

Surprising to some, Craps offers bets with a mere 2.44% house edge, such as the lay 4 or 10.

Basic Craps Strategy

  • Focus on Pass/Don’t Pass and Come/Don’t Come wagers.
  • Maximize your odds.
  • Embrace free odds bets.

3. Baccarat- Banking on the Banker

With the house advantage dropping to a mere 1.06%, betting on the Banker is the way to go.

Basic Baccarat Strategy

  • The Banker is your best bet.
  • Steer clear of the enticing tie bet.

4. European Roulette- Spinning with Strategy

This version offers a slight edge, with its single zero bringing the house advantage down to 2.70%.

Basic European Roulette Strategy

  • Focus on even-money bets, such as red/black.
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5. Video Poker- A Skillful Endeavor

When played right, the house edge can dip as low as 0.76%.

Basic Video Poker Strategy

  • Maintain high pairs and potential flushes.
  • Aim for the strongest hands, discarding non-contributors.

Being a professional poker player, this game is my favorite to play. The house edge is very low, and the game is fun for poker addicts like me. Oh, and if you don’t already play on Ignition, be sure to take advantage of their generous deposit bonus by going here.

6. Pai Gow Poker to Let ‘Em Ride- Poker Variants

From the strategic game of Pai Gow with its 2.51% house advantage, to the straightforward nature of Let ‘Em Ride, these games offer a balanced blend of luck and skill.

Basic Strategies

  • For Pai Gow, always strive for the strongest two-card hand.
  • In Let ‘Em Ride, bet only with a pair of tens or better.

7. Keno- A Chance Game

Drawing similarities to lottery games, Keno might not have the best odds, but it promises immense returns on a shoestring investment. It’s a game of luck, hope, and patterns.

Despite not being the most favorable, Keno’s appeal lies in its potential for substantial payouts with minimal investments.

Basic Keno Strategy

  • Limit your number picks.
  • Stay consistent with your choices.

Advanced Keno Strategy

  • Picking fewer numbers does boost your chances slightly. If you’re looking for frequent, albeit smaller wins, stick to choosing fewer numbers.
  • Some seasoned players swear by the idea of consecutive numbers being drawn more frequently. While there’s no statistical evidence to back this, it might be worth a shot.
  • Consistency is key. Picking the same numbers every round doesn’t change the odds, but it does offer a sense of familiarity and strategy in an otherwise luck-based game.
  • Always set a strict budget for Keno. With its higher house edge, the game should be played for fun, with the potential win being a cherry on top.

8. Three Card Poker- Where Less is More

Ah, Three Card Poker – a game of minimalistic beauty. With just three cards, the game dynamics shift, and the strategies get interesting.

Basic Tri-Card Poker Strategy:

  • Always consider raising when you hold Q-6-4 or anything superior.
  • Since it’s a shorter version of the game, it’s vital to be aggressive, yet judicious. You’re playing against the dealer, not other players. So, focus on creating the best hand possible from the limited cards.

9. Caribbean Stud Poker- Sun, Sea, and Strategy

Caribbean Stud Poker marries the strategies of poker with the straightforward gameplay of casino table games. The lure? A potential progressive jackpot.

Basic Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy:

  • Always raise if you have any pair or a better hand.
  • Be wary of the dealer’s hand. If you have less than the dealer’s qualifying hand (which is typically an Ace and King), consider folding.
  • While the progressive jackpot side bet might seem tempting, remember: these bets typically favor the house. Engage with them for fun, but not as a primary strategy.

10. Let ‘Em Ride- The Strategic Poker Variant

Venturing into the realm of poker variants, “Let ‘Em Ride” stands out with its unique combination of strategy and chance. It’s a game that doesn’t just challenge you against the dealer, but against yourself, making every decision count.

Every card revealed either ups the ante or forces a retreat, hence the name. With the right approach, players can optimize their bets and take home impressive payouts. And while it might feel like a roller coaster of decision-making, “Let ‘Em Ride” is all about knowing when to hold on and when to let go.

Basic Strategy for “Let ‘Em Ride”

  1. Starting Bets: Start with the same amount on all three betting circles. As the game progresses and cards are revealed, you’ll have options to either “Let ‘Em Ride” (keep the bet as is) or “Pull” (withdraw a bet).
  2. High Pairs: If your three-card hand has a pair of tens or better, Let ‘Em Ride.
  3. Potential Royals or Straights: If you have three consecutive cards, especially suited, it might be worth letting at least one bet ride in the hope of hitting a straight or, on the rare occasion, a flush or straight flush.
  4. Holding High Cards: If you have three cards to a potential royal flush, such as K, Q, J of the same suit, Let ‘Em Ride.
  5. Fold Otherwise: If your three-card hand doesn’t fall into any of these categories, it’s typically best to pull back your bets.
  6. Watch for Four-Card Opportunities: Once the first community card is revealed, if you have four cards to a straight, flush, straight flush, or royal flush, Let ‘Em Ride.
  7. Manage Your Bankroll: Establish a session limit and stick to it. This will ensure that you don’t chase losses and play strategically.
  8. Avoid Side Bets: Most side bets in casino games have a higher house edge. Unless you’re feeling especially lucky, or you’re playing purely for fun, it’s generally a good strategy to avoid these.

Remember, while “Let ‘Em Ride” has elements of strategy, it’s still a game of chance. Even the best strategies don’t guarantee a win every time, so it’s important to play responsibly and enjoy the experience.

Final Thoughts- It’s All About Making Wise Choices

While the allure of flashy slots is undeniable, wise players gravitate towards games that challenge the house’s advantage. Be it Blackjack, Baccarat, or even European Roulette, the secret lies in mastering the strategy and relishing the experience.

When you’re ready to roll the dice (or cards), head over to Ignition Casino and harness their generous deposit bonus. Every game has its charm; it’s all about finding where you shine.

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Jim James

Jim James is well-known as the world’s leading expert on playing short or mid-stacked poker. He has over 15 years of experience playing poker professionally, has written extensively on the topic, and is the author of the best-selling poker strategy book Automatic Poker.

Using a no-nonsense mathematical and logical approach to beating the games, he has won 7 figures at the poker tables. His innovative simple poker charts make the game easier for everyone willing to learn. Today, he helps other players demystify what it takes to win money in No-Limit Hold’em and has helped countless people become winning poker players through his Online Poker Academy.