Natural8 Poker Review – 35% Rackback Offer

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In my opinion, Natural8 is the best Asian poker site available today. Rapidly growing in popularity, with a new look and style of playing poker. They are now even offering a way to get rakeback. Here are two big reasons you should consider giving Natural 8 a try:

1. Soft Games
The Asian player pool is very soft.  You should expect to see a lot of limping and huge multi-way pots.  The poker boom is back and Natural8 is ripe for the taking for any player with a strong basic strategy.  So, if you prefer to exploit fish rather than grind it out with other regs, then Natural8 is right down your alley.2. Game Selection
Games frequently run as high as $1,000NL, with multiple tables running consistently at micros, mid stakes, and high stakes.  You should have no problem getting in enough volume to rapidly ascend through the stakes.  Additionally, the fact that Natural8 is an Asian-based site, you can play a higher volume earlier in the day and not have to grind so late at night. And, being on the GG network, guarantees that traffic will continue to grow as more skins are potentially added.

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One of the softest sites on the planet. Expect to see fish at nearly every table open on the site.


Icon of 3 stars reflecting the traffic of Natural8 Poker

Up to 1500 players at a time, there are plenty of games available.


Icon of 4 stars reflecting the value of Natural8 Poker

35% rakeback and an exclusive 100% up to $1,000 bonus. Use sign up code: automatic


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Clean & modern with solid functionality and a number of useful features. It does take some getting used to, however.


Icon of 4.5 stars reflecting the overall rating of Natural8 Poker

With massive numbers of fish, Natural8 is an attractive alternative to mainstream poker sites.
Note about the ratings:  A site’s softness and value are 2x weighted due to their direct impact on a players win-rate.

Unbiased Review

A silhouette of a thumbs up giving our approval of Natural8 Poker

Natural8 was founded in early 2011.  And while they remain in relative obscurity for most of the Western world, poker players in Asia definitely have this site on their radar.  The site is enjoying much success in the wake of it’s continued growth and popularity.  Now, they accept players from anywhere in the world and it wouldn’t surprise us if they explode into being one of the biggest poker sites in the world.

Natural8 is leading the crowd as an innovative and trusted online gaming website.  With a user-friendly website and great customer service, you will have no trouble getting started playing today.  They offer games on PC, Android, and iOS so that you can play anywhere, anytime whether at home or on mobile app.  You can trust their games as being legit as they have a company called BMM who have thoroughly tested and confirmed that the games are valid and safe to play on.

While the overall traffic is comparatively low compared with some of the bigger and more “mainstream” sites, you will have no trouble finding enough games to multi-table as much as you like.  Furthermore, since the majority of the players are currently from the Asian player pool, you have a unique chance to become part of an untapped and rapidly growing poker market where the majority of your opponents are still recreational fun players.

The software offers 3D table graphics and is very sleek and modern in its design.  Getting in the game is easy, with integrated wait lists as well as the ability to instantly join new tables or create your own.

We have an exclusive deal with Natural8, allowing us to offer you a 100% up to $1,000 sign up bonus along with 35% rakeback. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Overall, Natural8 poker is establishing itself as a force in the Asian poker and gaming market.  We expect to see continued growth in the coming months as players have the opportunity to be part of what may very well be a glimpse at the future of online poker.


Target Audience

There is a definite social vibe to Natural8 as the site is obviously geared more toward recreational players.  However, there are enough features and value to attract hardcore grinders as well, with the fish keeping them coming back for more. Natural8 appeals to any type of poker player imaginable.  This is not just an Asian poker site, it’s a poker site for everyone in the world.

Site Features

1. No opponent tracking: You will not be able to use a Hold’em Manager or Pokertracker on Natural8 Poker. Even Hold’em Indicator does not work at this time.  Our sources tell us that any account that is found to be using any kind of HUD will be closed.

2. Value: Natural8 has something for everyone.  The sleek, social software for the recreational players and 35% rakeback for the grinders.  Additionally, they offer another promotion called fortune cookie freerolls where you can collect fortune cookies for playing in certain events and use them to be given more starting chips in particular tournaments.   If you are looking for a site that offers even more value, check out our poker site reviews.  I recommend Winner Poker as they offer up to 70% rakeback to players.  America’s Cardroom also offers a decent rakeback deal as well.  Purely recreational sites you might be interested in are Ignition, Bodog, 888, or Betonline/Sportsbetting Poker.

3. Customization Features:

  • A variety of options for changing the look of the poker skin, including 4 color decks
  • Setup custom buttons for various bet size percentages or even an all-in button
  • Auto buy-in amounts
  • Auto rebuy

4. Mobile Gaming: Natural8 has a mobile app features to let you play anywhere you want anytime.  You can even play up to 4 tables at once on your mobile device!

A screen capture illustrating the ability to play multiple tables on the Natural8 mobile poker app

5. 35% Rakeback: Get rewarded for putting in time at the poker table.   The more you play, the more you earn.  This is a rare offer for recreational poker sites and not something you can find anywhere.  Who knows how long this rakeback offer will last and whether they will continue to let us offer this amazing deal forever.

9. Short Stack Semi Friendly: At micro and small stakes, you can buy in anywhere from 10 big blinds to 40 big blinds.  However, starting at 100NL, you must buy in for 50 big blinds or higher.  $1,000NL even forced you to buy in for 100 big blinds.  A big bummer for players who like to short stack, but not a complete deal breaker.  The games are so soft, that anyone can win at any stack size and at any stake.  There are enough fish to go around.

If you decide to go the short stack route, we here at Automatic Poker teach an excellent short stack strategy, be sure to check it out.


Natural8 poker is a relatively new and rapidly growing poker site based in Asia.  They have struck an interesting balance between catering to recreational players as well as the grinders.  They also accept players from nearly every country in the world.  With great social features and 35% rakeback, there is no reason for any player not to give Natural8 a try.

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Site FAQ

Is Natural Poker Rigged?
No.  In 2016, this is not an issue to be concerned with.  After many years of play, there has been no credible case of any poker site rigging the way it deals its cards.Is My Money Safe?
Yes.  Natural is one of the fastest growing Asian poker sites in the world and looks as though it’s here to stay.  There has been good feedback on the ease of deposits and speed of payouts.

What are all of the deposit options?

  • Visa/Mastercard/JCB
  • Neteller
  • UnionPay
  • WeChat Pay
  • China Online Payment
  • China Local Bank Transfer
  • Thailand Local Bank Transfer

Is there a cash-out fee?
The fee schedule is as follows:

  • Neteller- Fee: $1.  Min: $10 Max: $50,000.
  • Check Online Payment- Fee: $1.  Min: $50 Max: $5,000.
  • China Local Bank Transfer- Fee: $1.  Min: $50 Max: $5,000.
  • Thailand Local Bank Transfer- Fee: $1.  Min: $50 Max: $5,000.

I am a tournament player, is Natural8 a good choice?
Natural8 now offers a variety of tournaments with numerous high guarantees.  Pros may not find enough tournaments to make a living off of, but should certainly consider mixing these games in with the other sites they play.  The fields are extremely soft and a high ROI should be easily attainable with a strong basic strategy.

How about PLO?
PLO games are surprisingly robust, with games running as high as $1,000PLO.  With a buy in of only 10bbs, an interesting dynamic is created with lots of action and pre-flop all-ins.  I have a lot of experience in those types of games and they are a blast.

Who can play there?
Players from all countries but Holland are able to play on Natural8.  However, to play from the US you must have a Neteller account and/or an address outside the US.  I did reviews of US poker sites for you to read through, if interested.  Or check out our main poker site reviews page for the rest of the world.

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