If you are new to the poker market, it can be a daunting task to figure out how much a poker chip set should cost. With so many types available, you need to know more about your options before deciding which ones are right for you. I have played with every different type of poker chip imaginable and give you a qualified answer.

How much is a poker chip set? Depending on the type, size of the set, and style, a standard-sized 500 piece poker chip set will cost anywhere from around $10 to $500. In order from least to most expensive, poker chips come in four basic types of materials; plastic, composite, clay, and ceramic.

Just keep in mind that price should not be the only deciding factor when trying to find the right set. You must think about what you intend to use them for, preference of style and material, and how much you are willing to spend.

The Differences Between Sets and Their Costs

When you’re playing a game or watching people play, one of the most distinguishable elements is the sound of chips landing on top of one another. But you’ll notice the difference between a cheaper plastic version versus a high-end ceramic.

Each type of chip offers a different type of experience and aesthetic. You have low-end chips and high-end chips. Even within those categories, there are some variations. Plastic is considered low-end, but there are some forms of plastic chips that rank higher than others.

It’s all about the quality of the original material. So, a cheaper plastic that was used will mean a lower quality chip, while there are also plastics made at a higher standard that can rank higher.

When it comes to deciding which type of set is going to be best for you, preference and needs are the top priority.

Any material will get the job done. Whether you are throwing a weekly poker night in your garage with your pals or you’re a high stakes bidder on a professional level, you can use any style.

Poker chips sets come in a variety of different sizes as well that will affect the price. These can range from mini-sets of 50 chips for a beginner up to huge sets of 2500 chips for an experienced player who might be running a multi-table tournament.

If you’re looking for sets that offer a lot of accessories in addition to chips and maybe a deck of cards, the price can climb quite a bit as well.


Poker chips used to be made from a variety of materials. Clay no longer the most common material but it is still in the game. Other more attractive and durable options have evolved over the last couple of decades. Let’s examine each type of poker chip that can be purchased today.

Plastic Poker Chips

Plastic poker chips receive a bad rep. While they are the cheapest chips, different types of plastic can create different experiences for you.

Plastic chips are typically the most widely used among amateur players who just like to have fun and have some friends over to play occasionally. They are inexpensive but have varying degrees of quality.

Plastic chipsets will run you around $30-$50 for a good set. You may be able to find sets a little cheaper that are plastic, but they will typically be more for decoration than actual playing. Plastic sets in the $30-$50 range will give you an inexpensive way to get some decent chips.

Here are some different options within this range:

US Toy 3 Color Plastic Poker Chips

  • 600 pieces
  • A very basic design and construction
  • Lightweight and 1.5″ in diameter

DA VINCI Executive Poker Chip Set

  • 500 pieces
  • A more elaborate but still inexpensive design
  • Designed to feel more like clay chips
  • 11.5-gram chips

Fun Tip: There are children’s sets that are made of inexpensive plastic that you can make out even cheaper with. It’s a fun, creative way to help your kids learn math, counting, and money skills while also learning new games. Gift Express has a great inexpensive 300-piece set.

Composite Poker Chips

Composite poker chips are considered a happy medium in between plastic and the higher-end clay or ceramic chips. They are made from compressed PVC, which means they are highly durable and should last a long time.

These chips are a heavier duty form of plastic that will take you a step higher than the thinner, weaker plastic sets, and give you a bit more weight and durability.

Composite chipsets can be found for anywhere from $50 up to around $150. There are also clay composite poker chips that are a hybrid between plastic and clay. The hybrid ones will be slightly more expensive due to the addition of the clay.

Here are some different options within this range:

Davinci Monte Carlo Club Set

  • 500 pieces
  • 14-gram
  • My personal favorite type of composite chips- Highly recommended

BBP Chip Set

  • 300 pieces
  • 11-gram chips

Royal Flush Chip Set

  • 500 pieces
  • 11.5-gram chips

Premium Clay Poker Chips

Clay poker chips are the standard that most casinos and professionals live by. They have a long history and tradition in the world of poker chips.

The touch and feel of these chips are far superior to plastic chips, and they possess the material and weight to make that classic “clinking” sound we all love when we toss another chip in the pot.

Most clay chips are made from a variety of materials, with clay being the main ingredient. Chalk or sand is often added to help make the chips harder and more durable. Since clay is a softer material, it will still be subject to chips or dents after extended heavy use.

Be careful when looking for clay chips. Some brands will call something “composite clay” which is not really clay at all. Once you learn what real clay chips look like, it’s easy to tell the difference.

Clay poker chip sets typically cost between $100 – $200. It depends on the quality of the clay and how many the set comes with.

Here are some different options within this range:

JPC Crown Casino Set

  • 500 pieces
  • Inexpensive and beautiful- Highly recommended
  • 13.5-gram chips

DA VINCI Unicorn All Clay Poker Chip Set

  • 500 pieces
  • Attractive design that comes with a really nice case
  • 8.5-gram chips- Pretty close to the actual weight of casino chips

Ceramic Poker Chips

Sometimes clay and ceramic chips are mistaken for one another. They have similar qualities but are typically made with a special resin similar to ceramic or porcelain. They go through a process of injection-molding to come up with the finished product.

The way to tell the difference between clay and ceramic is that clay will have a sticker and ceramic has an inlay.

They come in varying degrees of quality, as some casinos will use higher-end versions of these chips along with there being a market for them for home use.

Many people opt for ceramic chips when the aesthetic is important to them. They are easy to create with more intricate designs and patterns. If you are looking to get custom made chips or you prefer chips with fun designs and unique patterns, you will most likely end up with ceramic chips. In fact, 90% of poker players will prefer ceramic if you did a side by side test.

Ceramic poker chip sets cost between $200 – $1,000. This number can get much higher if you decide you’d like some custom designs or anything more intricate.

Here are my favorite options within this range:

Nile Club Ceramic Poker Chips

  • 500 pieces
  • Unique design
  • Large variety of denominations- Great for cash games
  • My favorite poker chips in the world- Highly recommended
  • 10-gram chips

Scroll Ceramic Poker Chips

  • 600 pieces
  • Simple and elegant
  • 10-gram chips

Brybelly Nevada Jack Poker Set

  • 500 pieces
  • Flashy and highly popular
  • A bit more expensive
  • 10-gram chips

What Makes a Good Poker Chip?

There are several considerations for what makes a good poker chip:

  • Weight- Personal preference matters. Some people like a lighter chip, like those found at a casino. If so, look for a set that has chips around 8.5 grams to 10 grams. Others like a little more heft. If so, buy one of the sets that are 11.5 grams or heavier
  • The number of denominations- How many denominations that are in a set is important only if you want to use the set for cash games. For tournaments, just having 3-4 different denominations is fine. However, if you want to use the set for cash games, you will probably want to have 5 denominations or more.
  • Design- This is purely about personal choice. Some people like flashy chips, others like simple “plain jane” designs. For me, I avoid any chips that have stickers.
  • Texture- Whether a chip is flat or has ridges is something that can be important for a lot of players. Usually, composite chips are very smooth versus authentic casino chips. If you are into shuffling chips, you may find ceramic chips a bit slippery for your taste. Clay may be a good option for you. Choose what you feel suits you best.

How Do I Choose the Best Set for Me?

Consider how often you’ll be using these chips, how many chips you need for the number of players you typically have, and what type of quality you’re seeking. If you’re not looking for high-quality chips and only play occasionally, a well-made set of plastic will do just fine.

But if you’re looking for superior quality and that heavier, higher-end feeling from your chips, then ceramic is usually the best option. No matter what, make sure you find an aesthetic and weight that seem right for you. If budget is an issue, choose one of the composite brands and you can’t go wrong. You can always upgrade later down the road.

To dive deeper into the subject, here are a couple of articles I wrote that you might find helpful:

Additional Information

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How many poker chips do you get for cash? How many poker chips each player gets will depend on the denominations of your chipset and what stake you are playing. Generally, a 500 piece set will be enough chips for around 6-8 players. I recommend using a poker chip count calculator to figure out how many you need.

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There are a few things you might want to consider to compliment your purchase of a poker chipset.

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  • Poker Table
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