A Real Player’s Review of Bodog Poker

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I have played millions of poker hands and on just about every poker site out there. My favorite, by far, is Bodog (Same network as Ignition & Bovada Poker). With that in mind, here are five excellent reasons for you to play poker at Bodog:

1. Soft Games
Bodog has the softest games available right now, bar none. All the way up to $2,000NL, you can find plenty of unskilled recreational players.  Often, you will find the fish outnumbering the regs, now a rare occurrence most everywhere, but common on Bodog.

2. High Traffic
The network boasts the 3rd most traffic on the planet.  Game selection is amazing. You will never have trouble finding a game on Bodog.  Tons of games run pretty much 24/7.  With numerous cash game tables running at all stakes.

3. Great Reputation
Bodog has been a trustworthy gaming company since it’s founding almost 20 years ago.  Anyone that says the site is a scam simply doesn’t know what they are talking about.  The site is completely legal and legit and has been taking care of it’s customers since day one.  I have been completely happy with my experience since I first started playing there in 2007.

4. A Really Good Tournament Schedule
There are numerous MTTs with high guarantees that run every day. It is my opinion that Bodog has one of the best tournament schedules in the world.

5. A Great Sign up Bonus
Who doesn’t like free money? The great thing is that the bonuses also clear very quickly, and pretty much any stake.

A coupon for a $1,000 bonus on Bodog



Icon of 5 stars reflecting the softness of Bodog

One of the softest sites in the world bar none. The golden age of poker is over, you need great table and site selection to maintain a high win rate. On Bodog, you will routinely witness “questionable” plays that remind you of days past. Maybe the best site for making the most money today!



Icon of 5 stars reflecting the traffic of Bodog
Currently 3rd in the world in traffic. Games are really easy to get into at any time during the day or night. Tournaments and cash games both have very large fields ready to gamble it up.



Icon of 2.5 stars reflecting the value of Bodog
 Lack of promotions offset by lower than average rake and soft games.  There is a $1,000 sign up bonus as well.



Icon of 3 stars reflecting the software of Bodog
 Over the past couple of years the software has improved substantially. It is now both attractive and functional. Take a look at my screenshots, found below, to see for yourself.



Icon of 4 stars reflecting the overall rating of Bodog
 If your goal is to have a high hourly rate and win a lot of money, this is an amazing site for any type of player to call home.
Note about the ratings:  A site’s softness and value are weighted more heavily due to their direct impact on a players win-rate.