Best Table Management Software For Any Poker Site – Table Tamer

Optimizing poker sessions is an important piece of the puzzle for any serious poker players. This is especially true if you play multiple tables at the same time. Luckily, there is really good table management software available to online players.

The best table management software out there is Table Tamer. It allows you to set up hotkeys, arrange your table, and automate any common task that you want. This saves you time and energy and allows you to focus on the most important thing: making good poker decisions.

Now, let’s cover a bit more info so that you can make an informed choice about whether this software is for you.

What Is Table Management Software?

Table management software programs have multiple helpful features including:

  • Pre-set slots for your poker tables
  • The ability to set up hotkeys for every action
  • Pre-defined bet sizings for every street
  • Automation of poker site functions

The software that I have used for years and highly recommend is Table Tamer.

What Is Table Tamer?

I have used Table Tamer for a decade and can’t see myself ever changing to another product. It does everything I want it to, has great support, and is constantly being updated and improved.

Jim James

Table Tamer is a fully customizable software program that allows players to pre-set hotkey as well as automate a lot of the mundane clicks that must be performed in a standard poker session. It will automatically arrange your tables into a nice grid, allow you to set hotkeys for all poker actions, automatically buy into tables, and can even convert currency to big blinds on many poker sites.

The software works on just about every poker site in the world and, if it doesn’t, you can setup it up as a “custom” site and make it work with a few extra setup steps. You can even play across multiple sites at the same time and all of the hotkeys will be the same on each site.

Additional Features

Perhaps the most awesome thing about Table Tamer is the ability to “stack and tile,” which means that all of your tables stay in one neat stack until it is time for your action. When the action is on you, the table populates into a grid and either remains there until the hand is over or goes back into the stack upon each action. It’s up to you how it functions. Using this feature, I have played 40+ cash game tables at the same time back when I used to “chase” the beast on the Winning Poker Network.

Another cool feature is a built-in HUD which can show everyone at the table’s big blinds, the pot odds, the SPR, and more.

Table Tamer Tutorial

Here is a video tutorial that I made awhile back that should give you a good idea of how Table Tamer works.

How Much Does Table Tamer Cost?

Table Tamer Payment Options
  Premium Monthly ($19.95) Premium Annual ($179.95) Regular Monthly ($12.95) Free
Cash Game Stakes Unlimited Unlimited Up to $0.25 / $0.50 Up to $0.05 / $0.10
MTT / SNG Stakes Unlimited Unlimited Up to $15 Not supported
Custom Bet Hotkeys Yes Yes Yes Yes
Layouts and Layout Hotkeys Yes Yes Yes Yes
Predefined Bet Sizes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Currency to BB Yes Yes Yes No

Table Tamer FAQ

How many computers can Table Tamer be installed on?
Table Tamer can be installed on two computers but can only be run on one computer at a time.
What is the refund policy for Table Tamer?
There will be no refunds on monthly payments. However, you have 15 days to ask for a full refund on an annual payment.
Is the subscription recurring?
Yes. You will be billed automatically immediately after your plan runs out. If you do not want the subscription to renew, you may cancel your plan at any time you like.
What is the trial?
For the trial, you get 15 days with access to all of Table Tamer’s functions. Once your trial expires it will switch to the free plan after.
What is the free plan?
After the trial is over, you will be switched to the free plan. The free plan will only work on cash tables at stakes up to 10NL.
I paid for TT, but it still says I am free mode. What should I do?
When this happens, you are probably logged in with a different account than the one you used to pay. Simply go to Settings/Program, and log out. Then login with the correct account. If this does not work, contact support.
How do I switch my plan?
When upgrading from the Premium Monthly plan to the Premium Annual plan, just cancel your plan and then allow it expire. Then, simply sign up to the Premium Annual plan. If you would like to upgrade or downgrade to a different plan, please contact support.