Best Mouse for Poker Multi Tabling

If you are a serious poker player and want your multi-tabling sessions to go smoothly then you will definitely want to have the correct equipment. Of utmost importance is finding the best mouse for playing online poker. I have tried several different brands over the years and have honed in on what I believe to be the most important features to look for when choosing the correct model. Hopefully, I can help you bypass all of the trial and error and avoid the headaches en route to finding the perfect mouse for grinding multiple tables.

The best mouse that I recommend for poker multi-tabling is the Razer DeathAdder Chroma gaming mouse (click to see it on I find it to be my favorite mouse of all time for grinding. It has the perfect mix of ergonomics, feel, and ease of use to comfortably get me through sessions that last for hours.

There are other mice out there that will do the job but if you want to go with a sure bet, then choose with the one that has served me well for several years. Why pay more for the newest model when an affordable one with a proven track record is available?

What Features to Look for in a Poker Gaming Mouse

Before I will even consider trying a particular mouse it must meet the basic requirements that are needed to grind the poker tables. To be exact, there are four basic criteria that I look for when deciding on a mouse for poker grinding:

  1. Must Be Wired
    A wireless mouse works fine for playing. The only problem is the risk of the battery going out when I have a bunch of tables up with big decisions on several of them at once. Why chance losing hundreds of dollars in two minutes when a corded mouse works just as well?
  2. Easily Accessible Side Buttons
    Personally, I like to have a couple of buttons within easy read of my thumb. I typically use these buttons for particular odd bet sizings or table management such as moving the table to a particular slot or back into the main stack (for stack and tiling).
  3. Ergonomic Design
    If the mouse makes my hand tired after an hour or two of playing, it simply won’t work. The Deathadder Chroma seems to fit my hand like a glove. I have never become fatigued when using it.
  4. Mouse Scroll Wheel
    Being able to easily change bet sizing is a must. This is what the scroll wheel is used for.

Mouse Types to Consider

If you have a lot of experience with a certain type of mouse, you can probably make it work for playing poker. In fact, the standard mouse that comes with most computers will probably work just fine. Even so, it’s well worth your time to learn to use a mouse that has at least some advanced features and side buttons. Also, I would never even consider using a wireless mouse for poker. The risk just makes no sense.

What If I Want Something Cheap?

There are very good mice that are relatively inexpensive available so there’s not a lot of reason to settle for less. Even so, there is one particular mouse that has all of the features you would ever need to play online poker and it is about as cheap as it gets. It is the VicTsing 6-Button Wired Mouse, click the link to see the latest Amazon Price.

Are There Any Alternatives to Using a Mouse?

A good friend of mine uses a gamepad to play online poker. I recommend this type of setup for anyone who has ever been a hardcore online gamer or prefers the simplicity and comfort offered in using a game controller for playing poker. If you want to explore going this route, I recommend looking into the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller.

Also, you could look into using a trackball mouse, like the Logitech MX Ergo. Some people swear by them but personally, it causes more misclicks that I can stomach. If you decide to go with this type for ergonomic reasons, I recommend spending a few days getting used to it before grinding at the poker tables.

Does Mice DPI Matter for Playing Online Poker?

DPI means “Dot Per Inch” and basically means how fast the cursor will move across the screen. The higher the DPI, the more sensitive the mouse and the easier it is to move the cursor far across your monitor screen. This is all a matter of personal preference. I prefer to have a really high DPI in order to quickly move from my bottom most table to my top most table for faster actions. Play around with the settings and find what works best for you. You can also change your mouse speed in “Mouse Properties.”

Mouse Speed Properties Tab

What Is Your Hotkey Setup for Poker?

I get asked this question often. If I am playing 9 tables or less (the number that fits on my monitor), I tile my tables and just move my mouse around without using hotkeys. However, if I am mass multi-tabling I switch to a convenient hotkey system that includes using the buttons on both my keyboard and mouse. Here is my setup for when I play 10 tables or more. By the way, I rest my left hand on the keyboard as follows: Index finger on R, middle finger on E, ringer finger on S, my pinky on Z, and my thumb on the space bar. This gives me easy access to numerous keys in the vicinity.

  • E: Folds
  • S: Call
  • R: Min open raises pre-flop, 3-bets small pre-flop, bets half pot post-flop, and does a 3x reraise post-flop
  • Y: Shoves all-in
  • T: Open raises 2.5x pre-flop, 3-bets 2.5x pre-flop, bets 1/3 pot post-flop, and does a 2.5x reraise post-flop
  • F: Open raises 3.5x pre-flop, 3-bets 3x pre-flop, bets 76% pot post-flop
  • Middle mouse button: Bets 11x pre-flop
  • G: Pot sized bet
  • Z: Move the current table to stack
  • Spacebar: Sit out next bb current table
  • F12: Sit out next bb on all tables
  • LT Mouse Buttons: Personalized bet sizings/actions (depends on site/needs)

Note: I use StackAndTile table management software for my setup.

Feel free to set up your hotkeys based on personal preference. I am only giving my setup as an example to show how detailed you can get with actions. It is imperative that you use a similar hotkey system when trying to play more than 9 tables or so. It will save you valuable seconds every minute that you play which translates into more time to think through your decisions.

What Keyboard Do You Use?

My keyboard basically matches my mouse. I use the Razer Blackadder Ultimate. I love the lighted keyboard design which allows me to grind in the dark if I decide to do so into the wee hours. Whatever keyboard you choose, make sure that your hands fit comfortably and you like the way the action feels when you use it. One tip is to hold your keyboard on your lap when playing. By doing this, my left arm is able to lay in a very comfortable and natural position while I play poker. Give it a try.

What Monitors Do You Use?

When I play on my PC I use two really old Dell monitors with resolution 1600×1200. These monitors each perfectly fit 9 tiled tables and have a great track record. I bought mine used 7 years ago and they are still going strong. However, I don’t recommend buying the same ones that I have since they were first sold in 2001. There are slightly newer ones available that have the same resolution, the Dell 2007FP 20.1 Ultrasharp. They are also perfect if you are on a budget. Getting the perfect poker setup does not have to be expensive!

What If I Use a Laptop Computer to Play Online Poker?

If you play online poker on a laptop computer and plan to multi-table take my advice. Do not try to use those built-in mouse pads that are found on the vast majority of keyboards. You will drive yourself crazy trying to keep up with the action. Take it from someone who is the “misclick king” when it comes to playing on a laptop. Get a wired mouse and plug that thing into the laptop. You can thank me later.

Whats Your Personal Grind Station Look Like?

There’s nothing fancy about my grind station. I have budget dual monitors and an inexpensive headset, keyboard, and mouse.

Simplicity Rules the Day for My Poker Setup


When it comes to choosing the best poker mouse, simplicity and reliability are the keys to success. The cool thing is, you don’t need to break the bank in order to achieve a solid multi-tabling poker setup. Whatever mouse you choose, spending the time to make the right choice is really worth it. I am glad you gave me the chance to tell you what my preference is. I am confident that you can’t go wrong in choosing the equipment which I have relied on to play millions of hands over the past few years. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to browse the rest of my website for more reviews and poker tips!