If you aren’t quite sure whether you should take the leap and play on PartyPoker, don’t worry. I have talked to multiple players who play there and done hours of research to get you all the answers you need.

What is PartyPoker like? PartyPoker is one of the oldest poker sites around. They are well-known for being an industry leader when it comes to satisfying the needs of the players. Available mostly to European players, PartyPoker is looking to re-enter to US market as poker becomes regulated in the states. With legit support, soft games, and a huge Tournament line-up, Party is an outstanding option for those able to play there.

This grinders’ in-depth review should help you determine whether or not PartyPoker is for you. I won’t waste your time with worthless info that you care nothing about and will only provide the cold hard facts.

What is PartyPoker?

PartyPoker is based out of Malta and is an independent site not part of any network. The site is well-known for once being the largest online poker room in the world before the UIGEA saw it leave the US market. Party recently returned to the US market, but only for people in New Jersey.

Whether you are a professional poker player or only play for fun, you are probably going to find this poker room appealing. They have made significant improvements in improving the poker econonomy by limiting the abilitiy of strong players to table select and prey on weaker players.

PartyPoker at a glance:

  • Banking: Visa, Electron, Instant Banking, Mastercard, Fast Bank Transfer, Maestro, Goplay Mastercard, Entropay, Paypal, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafe Card, Diners Club International
  • Software: PC, MAC, Mobile
  • Games: Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Stud
  • Min Cash Buy-In: 50 big blinds on a max of 8 cash tables with a 2-hour “rathole” timer before you can buy-in with the minimum again.
  • Anonymous Cash Game Tables: No long-term tracking except in tournaments.
  • Fish Rating: 7/10
  • Sign Up Bonus: Yes, a small instant bonus. <Check Latest Bonus Amount>
  • Rakeback: 20% to 40% effective rakeback with a Cashback payment system.
  • Summary: PartyPoker is one of the oldest and most reputable online poker sites around. They have made major changes over recent years to move toward the recreational mode. You will find a good balance between soft games and rewards.

Site Ratings

In order to clarify the strengths and weaknesses of PartyPoker, I assigned a rating from 1 to 10 on seven important considerations.


Overall rating= 8.0

What does the software look like?

PartyPoker has done a good job of updating their software and improving the look.

How is PartyPoker?

PartyPoker stands out as a leader among poker sites in the world. They have done this in several ways including innovations in measures to protect players via the recreational model, advancements in their software, and a push to bring online poker back to the US

With the ability to appeal to poker players of all backgrounds and motives for playing online poker, PartyPoker has successfully walked a tightrope when it comes to providing customer service.

In fact, when I do a search on Google for documented cases where people were treated unfairly, I was surprised at how little there is in the way of complaints about this site. As far as reputation and customer service, PartyPoker ranks as one of the legit elite sites.

Bottom line: PartyPoker is a traditional site that has continuously modernized with the changing times. It’s clear they are a leader in the industry and I expect them to remain that way for years to come.

PartyPoker summarized details:

  • Soft games up to 100NL
  • 5th highest traffic
  • Cash game traffic up to $10/$25 blinds
  • A solid MTT schedule with high guarantees
  • The bonus is not as good as it once was
  • Numerous payout options with quick processing
  • Legit, without any major scandals

Why Play On PartyPoker?

With the addition of anonymous cash games, PartyPoker is trying hard to protect recreational players and the poker economy. This makes the atmosphere much better for all players.

Professional poker players will find a higher hourly rate with the level of play decreased on average while the recreational players won’t lose their money nearly as fast. It’s a win-win situation that PartyPoker has followed the lead of Bovada and gone anonymous.

With 20% to 40% rakeback, there is plenty of rewards to go around. High traffic means that you won’t have to worry about finding a game. The fact that Party is one of the oldest sites around, you can be sure that your money is as safe as possible.

PartyPoker Complaints

While PartyPoker is a nice place to play overall, it is still not perfect. Here are a few things people might complain about:

  1. Occasional disconnects have been reported by players. I am unable to confirm the veracity of these complaints but thought it worth mentioning.
  2. The lack of a significant deposit bonus has me scratching my head a bit. They have definitely gone against the grain on this one. Even so, I do admit that bonuses have always been sort of a ploy to lure players in since they are nearly impossible to clear fully. At least Party gives an instant bonus.
  3. Anonymous cash games might not appeal to some players, and others might be annoyed that the tournaments are not anonymous.

How Soft Are The Games?

There is a lot of fish at stakes up to 100NL, at 200NL and above you will have to table select carefully to find good games. This is pretty difficult to do with auto-seating. This is why I gave it only a 7/10 fish rating. The games really do tend to dry up past 100NL.

The great news is that the games are much softer than they were before they made the major changes.

How Soft Are the Cash Games?

The minimum buy-in on regular cash game tables is 50bb minimum. This does make the games a bit softer than sites with a higher minimum.

Even so, I’ve noticed a trend. In general, the lower the buy-in, the softer the site. I guess fish love to invest a small amount of money for a big win. Hopefully, Party will lower the minimum buy-in soon and make the games even better.

How Soft Are the Tournaments?

Tournaments remain soft on PartyPoker. Even without the games being anonymous, I would guess that more than 70% of the players are break-even at best. Donators abound.

The toughest tournament games are probably the Spins. There are a lot of full-time Spin players out there. If this is not your best format, I would stick to playing them at the times that most recreational players are online. That would be in the evenings.

Is PartyPoker Profitable?

Up 50NL, the games are about as soft as anywhere. At 100NL and above it tends to get exponentially harder with each stake.

That’s not to say that the small and mid-stakes games are impossible to beat, it just means you can’t just play a tight game and sit back and wait for the money to be handed to you.

The additional of anonymous cash game tables has done a lot to improve the softness of all cash game stakes. I expect the games to actually get better over the next few years as more recreational players come back to the site after leaving due to the improvements.

How Many Players Are on PartyPoker?

PartyPoker is currently 5th in the world in overall traffic. During peak times you can see as many as 2500 players on the cash game tables. Tournament traffic is high as well, with plenty of high guarantees running daily.

Courtesy of Pokerscout.com

When Are the Peak Traffic Times on PartyPoker?

According to Pokerscout.com, the peak traffic times at PartyPoker typically happen at between 8 PM and 10 PM GMT.

Of course, the busiest times are Friday night and then afternoons and evenings through the weekend.

Which Cash Game Format Has the Most Traffic?

The traffic on PartyPoker, like most sites, is heavily weighted toward multi-table tournaments. Even so, there is still plenty of action to be had at every single game offered on the site.

Game Limits

Cash game traffic is active all the way up to $5/$10. The most populated games are 5NL and 10NL. You can find high stakes heads-up games running fairly often as well.

One disappointing fact is that Fastforward (fast-fold) poker doesn’t run above 100NL nearly as well as one might think it should. However, hope is not lost since you can usually find 200NL or 500NL games running adequately during peak times.

While a bit crowded as you move to mid-stakes, more games run here than on a lot of sites.

Which Tournament Format Has the Most Traffic?

It’s impossible to answer this for sure. However, I would almost be willing to bet money that “Spins” get the most traffic of any format on PartyPoker.

Similarly to other sites, each event takes only a few minutes to play out and it’s really easy to play multiple tables.

If you are looking at overall reliable volume though, nothing comes close to the MTTs. It’s not unheard of to exceed 1,000 players for all of the small stakes guaranteed tournaments. The average tournament probably has around 500-600 people, however.

What Are the Deposit Options?

There are over 10 options for making deposits on PartyPoker, including: Visa/Mastercard, Diners Club Card, Neteller, Entropay, PayPal, Skrill, Paysafecard, Instadebit, EcoPayz, Bank Transfer, and Direct eBanking.

Deposit options are subject to change, please check the website for the latest methods.

What Are the Deposit Limits and Fees?

MethodMin DepositFeeMethodMin DepositFee
Visa$10FreeDiners Club$10Free
EcoPays$10FreeBank Trans$10Free
Direct eBank$10FreeNeteller$10Free

How Fast Do Deposits Get into My Account?

Deposits usually happen really quickly, if not instantaneously. Some methods, like Bank Transfers, do take a few days. PartyPoker does a good job of letting you know how fast your deposit will happen while you are choosing an option

Does PartyPoker Accept PayPal?

Party is one of the few sites that actually allows players to deposit and withdrawal with PayPal. This is a great option to you for anyone and probably the best way to go as far as speed and ease.

Does PartyPoker Accept Bitcoin?

Unfortunately, PartyPoker does not accept Bitcoin at this time. I am hopeful this will be added as an option soon. The good news is, that nearly every other option imaginable is offered.

How Safe is My Money?

Since PartyPoker has been around since 2001 with about the strongest reputation you could imagine, it is hard to see how your money could be any safer than on this site. From what I can tell, there has never been a scandal where people lost their money or had it stolen from the site.

How Does PartyPoker Payout?

Withdrawal options are exactly the same as deposit options. Payout options are subject to change, please check the website for the latest methods.

How Long Do Payouts Generally Take?

PartyPoker payouts happen really fast. Almost all requested are processed within 24 hours. For the fastest possible service, I recommend PayPal.

Are There Any Withdrawal Fees?

At this time, there are also no fees for taking your money off of PartyPoker.

There Are Security Checks Before a Withdrawal Is Allowed

Security checks before cash outs are put in place to protect both you and the poker site. While it may seem like a hassle, once you go through the process once you won’t have to again. It’s not like the poker site can just decide not to do the security checks, since they are required by regulations.

All that you will need to get through the security check is a photo ID and some type of bill that has your address on it. Most often, people provide utility bills.

PartyPoker’s support will walk you through the process. Don’t hesitate to call them if you have any questions.

How is the customer service?

PartyPoker has a really good reputation when it comes to how they treat players needing assistance. They are highly rated in both time of response and willingness to help those in need. There are three ways to contact them 24/7:

  1. By Phone (Based on Region)
  2. Email
  3. Live Chat

The live chat is where I suggest starting, then calling if you can’t find a resolution that way. My secondary option would be calling. If you have a non-urgent issues, emailing is best.

How Do I Contact PartyPoker?

There are different phone numbers based on what country you live.

PartyPoker Phone Numbers

  • Canada – 1-877-447-2183
  • Australia – 0011-800-7278-9100
  • Germany – 00-800-7278-9101
  • Brazil – 0021-800-7278-9100
  • Russia – 00-800-7278-9145
  • Other Countries – 00-800-7278-9100
  • Toll Number – +350-2005-0509

PartyPoker Emails

  • General email info@partypoker.com
  • Cashier email transactions@partyaccount.com
  • Spam Complaints email abuse@partpoker.com

How Does the PartyPoker Bonus Work?

There used to be a 100% up to $500 bonus, but that was recently done away with. Instead, they now offer a $22 welcome bonus which is paid out in tickets.

The $22 is comprised of satellite tickets that expire 7 days after you deposit. So, make sure you use them fast!

I have mixed feelings about the lack of a big deposit bonus. I know that most players wouldn’t even clear $22 of a bonus anyway, so the immediate influx of bankroll cash is probably better for 90% of players.

Even so, as a multi-tabling grinder I would miss the ongoing extra rakeback during the clearing period. I guess the 20% to 40% rakeback is already good enough in the opinion of the poker room.

How Easy Is It to Clear the Deposit Bonus?

You don’t have to clear a bonus, your tickets are immediately added to your account. I suggest using them in SNGs, where you are most likely to successfully cash. Of course, you can always try for a big score in one of the MTTs. It’s up to your personal preference.

Keep in mind these bonus offers are subject to change, so click the link below to make sure.

Check Latest Bonus Offers (Link to site bonus page)

Is PartyPoker Legit or Rigged?

PartyPoker is not rigged. Neither is any other mainstream poker site. Anyone who claims the games are fixed or rigged, is just a losing player, wallowing in self-pity. Party Poker is definitely legit.

Party Poker has been around forever and there has never been a scandal This is probably one of the safest gaming sites that you can keep your hard earned money.

How Is PartyPoker Legal?

Party only allows players from regulated countries. Back in 2006 after the passage of the UIGEA, they pulled out of the US market. Almost overnight, they went from #1 in the world to just a top 10 poker site. As you probably know, Pokerstars then officially took the reins of #1.

Is PartyPoker Regulated?

Party is licensed and regulated by the Government of Gibraltar and the Gibraltar Gaming Commissioner under the Gambling Act of 2005.

Are There Bots on PartyPoker?

There have been several claims regarding bot rings on PartyPoker. Personally, I don’t give a lot of credibility to some of these claims. Even if there were found to be active bots, I would not lose sleep over it.

It is extremely difficult for a human player to win at poker. Therefore, bots are almost always going to really bad at the games. In fact, it’s much better to have a break even or slightly losing bot on your table than a competent reg.

My advice is that if you suspect a person of being a bot, just adjust versus them and profit. Playing unbalanced and exploitative versus them will be hugely profitable since they are incapable of readjusting to you.

PartyPoker and the other major poker sites take cheating or botting seriously. They have security measures in place that will eventually ferret out the culprits. Hopefully, they aren’t removed fast enough for us to make massive profits against them though. 🙂

What Random Number Generator Is Used?

PartyPoker uses a random number generator (RNG) that is tested and certified by iTech Labs. It has been found to be both unpredictable and evenly distributed over large sample sizes. The high of randomness is in compliance and in line with industry standards.

More information is available on the website.

What Countries Are Excluded From Playing On PartyPoker?

Play is currently restricted from the following countries: Afghanistan, American Samoa, Australia, Bermuda, Bulgaria, Congo, Czech Republic, Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, Greece, Grenada, Guadeloupe,Guam, Haiti, India, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Myanmar, New Caledonia, Northern Mariana Islands, Pakistan, Peoples Republic of China, Philipines, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Republic of Sudan, Reunion, Romania, Rwanda, Samoa, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Solomon Islands, South Africa, St Martin, Syrian Arab Republic, Turkey, United States, Minor Outlying Islands, United States of America, Virgin Islands (U.S.)

Can People Play in the United States?

At this time, only players in New Jersey are able to play on PartyPoker and only against other NJ residents. No other states are allowed on the site. Hopefully, the US is fully regulated one day and everyone will be back on their old home site.

How Are the Tournaments on PartyPoker?

In my opinion, PartyPoker is one of the few sites that can sustain a full time MTT pro. The schedule has plenty of high guarantees and enough soft traffic to make for a high ROI.

There are way too many tournaments to list them all here, so I took a screenshot of the schedule on a Monday night:

That’s an impressive MTT schedule

Super Sundays

Sundays are a big day for tournaments on PartyPoker with over 100 events.

Here are the highlights of the Sunday MTT schedule:

  • Bounty Hunters: A 15k and 20k gtd
  • High Roller: 200K gtd
  • Sunday Grind: 50k gtd
  • Sunday Kick Off: 40k gtd
  • High Roller Bounty: 100k gtd
  • High Roller: 100k gtd
  • Sunday Gladiator: 200k gtd
  • Super High Roller: 200k gtd
  • Sunday Main Event: 100k gtd

Be sure to check the PartyPoker website for any updates to the schedule.

Does PartyPoker Have Freerolls?

There do not appear to be that many freerolls on Party. In fact, there appear to be only two over an entire two weeks available in the lobby. They are called “Jackpot Freerolls” with a $275 prize pool. They are listed as running on Thursday at 11:30 and Monday at 13:30.

What Are the Satellites like on PartyPoker?

There are a ton of Satellites available on Party for both online and live events. It appears that every single small to large buy-in tournament has at least one satellite.

I highly recommend that you mix satellites in to your schedule. They are typically really soft and can be a big boon to your ROI. Satellites are not just there for players with small bankrolls. They are for anyone who wants to potentially lighten their tournament buy-in load.

Are There Ever Overlays?

At all hours of the day, the tournaments fill quickly and almost always exceed the guaranteed amount. Don’t expect to see overlays happen very often on PartyPoker.

How Are the Sit and Go Games?

On PartyPoker, you won’t have trouble finding a SNG to play on. However, I find it odd that there are absolutely no standard speed SNGs available. You either play turbo, hyper-turbo, or nothing.

The SNG schedule is dominated by double or nothings and hyper heads-up SNGs. There are still plenty of old-fashioned one-table events to play, but you will have to be okay with turbos.

Are There Jackpot SNGs?

There are jackpot SNGs on PartyPoker called “Spins.” The buy-ins range from $.025 up to $250, as shown below:

The Spins tournaments work very similarly to how they do on other poker sites. Here are the details:

  • A winner-take-all prize pool except for the top 3 payouts
  • 3-handed play
  • Between 4% and 8% rake (ouch)

Here are the payouts and frequencies for the $100 Spins:

Multipler1st Prize2nd Prize3rd PrizeFrequency/1M

Are There Double-Up SNGs?

There are double-up SNGs on PartyPoker. However, they do not run as often as they used to. Most of the action is at the $5.50 buy-in level with just a smattering of higher and lower events running.

While these are really good to build an initial bankroll on, don’t expect to be a double or nothing pro on Party.

What is Fastforward Poker?

Fastforward games are PartyPoker’s version of fast-fold poker. Basically, you do not play on static tables but are instead part of the overall player pool for a specific stake.

At the beginning of every hand, the tables are recalibrated and you are randomly placed in a seat. You are then able to instantly fold and move on to another table any time you want. You do not have to wait until each hand is over, unless you choose to do so.

Fast-fold games are designed for players who like to have a lot of immediate action and do not want to wait. The only drawback is that you cannot really adjust to a table dynamic, since it changes with every hand.

Fastforward stakes run from 5NL all the way up to 500NL. For some reason, 500NL always seems to have more traffic than 200NL.

Is There a Play Money Option?

Play money is available on PartyPoker, you just have to download a separate app. Everything feels exactly the same on the play money client, it’s just fake money.

How Are the PLO Games on PartyPoker?

There are plenty of PLO games available all the way up to mid-stakes. There is also at least a handful of high stakes games running from $5/$10 up to $50/$100.

A PLO poker pro could definitely find a good home on Party.

The play is known to be fairly soft due to the anonymous games. PLO is one of the most beatable games around, for those who dedicate themselves a bit to strategy.

Is Mobile App Gaming Possible onPartyPoker?

There is a downloadable app for mobile gaming on Party. The same exact desktop games are accessible on your mobile device. To play mobile, you just have to create an account and then download the app and start playing.

Mobile Requirements

  • Android OS 6 or higher is required
  • iPad 3 or iPhone 5 or higher are required

How to Play PartyPoker on iPhone

To play on an iphone, just sign up for an account and then download the app onto your phone. There are detailed instructions on the website after you sign up.

Are Casino and Table Games Offered?

PartyPoker recently added a casino to the mix. It can be accessed via the client and includes just about every possible Casino style game you can imagine. This includes:

  • Table Games with 18 different types of Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and more.
  • Slots of every variety numbering well over 100 games as well as Jackpots.
  • Video Poker including Joker Poker and 10’s or Better
  • Live Casino Games make for a virtual experience like you are actually sitting in a casino. Anything from Blackjack to Roulette to Carribean Stud Poker is available.

Is Sports Betting Possible?

PartyPoker also now has sports betting available. You can access it from the client and bet on just about anything you can imagine. From Football to darts and more.

The Casino Should Help the Poker Economy

Invariably, there will be people sign-up for PartyPoker that are there to almost exclusively use the Casino and Sportsbetting features. Some of those players may also occasionally sit down at a poker table.

Having this influx of likely poor, recreational players will help keep money flowing into the poker economy and make the games more profitable for everyone.

Software & Client Info

The software on PartyPoker is clean and fast:

  • You can multi-table up to 18 games at once
  • There is a 4-color deck option
  • You can auto-stack or tile your tables
  • There are custom bet button options

Software should not be an issue for anyone playing on PartyPoker. It is clean and efficient, does the job nicely. They have done a nice job of updating it with the changing times.

Skin Customization Features

There are plenty of ways to customize your experience at PartyPoker. You can choose from several attractive modern themes or simply go with the
classic theme. You can tell they put a lot of thought into this.

Table Skins

There is a wide range of out-of-the-box options for giving the poker tables the look you desire. There are:

  • 6 felt colors
  • 8 background choices
  • 6 deck types, including a 4-color option
  • 4 different card backs

Here are just a few of the possibilties:

Go with the original or customize tables yourself

Card Deck Skins

Which is your favorite combo?

Auto Buy-in and Auto Top-Off

PartyPoker has plenty of advanced options, including automatic buy-ins and auto top-off. If you love to play a lot of tables, this really comes in handy.

What Are the Maximum Number of Tables That Can Be Played at a Time?

There is a multi-tabling maximum of 8 tables in regular cash games and 4 tables on Fastforward tables. There is no limit to the number of MTT or STT tournaments you can play.

What Are the Typical Game Speeds Like?

It’s really difficult to tell how many hands hour are played on PartyPoker tables. The lobby boasts numbers of around 120 to 170+ hands per hour. I know those numbers are highly unlikely.

So, I opened up 4 tables and I counted the hands for 30 minutes. I counted 168 hands total. After doing the math, that’s 84 hands per hour. That’s actually a really good clip and much more realistic.

Efficient software and a lack of reg-infested tables likely account for the above-average game speed. There are no mass multi-tablers clogging up the games by constantly time-banking. That is a good thing.

Multi-Tabling Features and Options

PartyPoker appears to be looking for the right balance between keeping the multi-tablers and recreational players happy. Here are the multi-table features:

  • Auto buy-in and auto-rebuy.
  • Auto Buy-in for tournaments allow you to choose whether to use tournament dollars first or cash first.
  • A separate auto buy-in and seat number selection for Fastforward games.
  • Hotkey shortcuts built directly into the software.
  • Advanced custom bet button options similar to what 3rd party software, like Tableninja or Tabletamer, would do.
PartyPoker Custom Bet Button Options Screen Capture
I wish all poker sites did this

Display Big Blinds

Party allows you to display cash as big blinds on the cash game tables instead of actual money, This is a is a really awesome feature.

Basically, if effectively turns every cash game you play in into 100NL when it comes to how easy betting is. You can base all of your bets on a big blind system instead of having to do complicated math across multiple stakes.

Imagine having 3 tables open that include 50NL, 100NL, and 200NL. Suddenly, all 3 tables need action and you are trying to figure out a river bet size on each. Having $32 behind on one tables, $77 behind on the next, and $140 behind on the last can be quite confusing. However, if one was 64 big blinds, the next was 77 big blinds, and the last was 70 big blinds, that’s really easy.

Normally, you need advanced 3rd party software, like TableTamer, to accomplish this. This is another well-thought-out feature added directly into the software.

Table Sorting

You can also let the client know how you want your tables sorted when they are tiled. This is a nice “frosting on the cake” feature, but probably something that only the hardcore regs will use.

Basically, table sorting allows you to sort your tables left to right or top to down. While this is nice, but a bit on the overkill side in my opinion. It seems like sort of a frivolous feature and just another potential thing be bugged. At least they are making an effort to make the software more user-friendly, unlike a lot of the major poker sites out there.


If you prefer to stack your tables on top of one another, Party has a feature for that as well. You can set the size stack you want and even choose a smaller card fonts to make for quicker recognition when a table pops up.

Are Short Stacks Allowed?

Unfortunately, Party has taken an anti short-stacking stance similarly to a few other poker sites. The minimum buy-in is 50 big blinds on standard cash game tables.

I have played on numerous poker sites and there is a direct correlation between the softness of a site and how small the minimum buy-in is. The truth is, many recreational players love to invest a small amount of money to play. Also, a lot of tournament players transition much better to cash games playing the stack sizes they are used to playing. ie. 20-40 big blinds.

I really think that PartyPoker is holding itself back from attaining the most healthy poker economy by enforcing such a high minimum buy-in. However, that’s just my opnion. Many would disagree.

Do HUDs Work on Poker Site?

HUDs do work on Party Poker, however, the cash games have been anonymous since October of 2016 where you now can only track session stats on your opponents. The games play very similar to those on Ignition Poker.

While this may turn some people off, you should look at the bright side. No one will be tracking you either, so now you can play exploitative poker and not have to worry about any balancing nonsense.

Full traditional HUDs still work in tournaments and other non-anonymous games.

Social Features

PartyPoker has an attractive and user-friendly chat box. There is a built-in emoticon feature, in case you want to display a particular emotion.

PartyPoker Emoticons

Besides the emoticons, there is not much in the way of social features. Even so, the attractiveness of the software makes up for any lack of social features, in my opinion.

Ongoing Promotions & Added Value

Here are ongoing promotions that you can take advantage of on PartyPoker:

  • PartyPoker Cashback
  • Cash Game Missions
  • SNG Missions
  • PartyPoker Wheel Spins

What Is PartyPoker Cashback?

Cashback is a weekly progressive tiered rakeback program offered on PartyPoker. For every $1 rake that you generate, you get 1 point. In order to qualify for the lowest rank of 20% rakeback, you have to earn a minimum of 25 points.

Here are the minimum points needed for each rakeback level:

Point ThresholdRakeback EarnedEffective %

Basically, you gain no rakeback until you hit 25 points. Then, from 25 to 149 points you get 20% rakeback. Then, from 150 points to 599 points, you get 25% rakeback. So on and so forth until you achieve 1200 points. After 1200 points you are given 40% rakeback for the rest of the week.

You Have to Opt In

Before your collected points go toward Cashback rewards, you have to opt-in only once. This is done via the client.

When Is the Rakeback Paid into My Account?

The Cashback rewards are paid into accounts on Monday at 23:59 CET.

What Games Count Toward the Cashback Rewards?

All real-money poker games count. This includes cash ring games as well as Fastforward tables. Also, any SNG or MTT rake works as well.

What Are Cash Game Missions?

Cash game missions are worth $25 each and can be accomplished on any Hold’em cash game table. There is one mission for pocket pairs and another for final hands.

Pocket Pairs Mission

In order to win this mission, you must win a hand with all of the pocket pairs. Here is the catch: It has to be done in descending order from AA down to 22.

This seems like a pretty ridiculous mission. You would likely lose more than $25 attempting to do this mission. Are you supposed to fold AA while you are waiting to pick up a lower pocket pair for the mission?

If you attempt this mission, I recommend doing so at 2NL, the lowest micro-stake game possible.

Final Hands Mission

In the final hands mission, you have to win with all of the hands in ascending order. You start by winning with a pair and then have to go all the way up to straight flush.

Once again, this is a pretty insane mission if you actually have to do it in order. This one seems pretty impossible to accomplish, since straight flushes might only happen for a player once a year if they are lucky.

What Are SNG Missions?

There are two SNG missions you can take advantage of with each having mini-objectives. They are called “easy” and “extreme”. The easy mission is worth a $10 bonus and the extreme mission is worth $25.

For exact details on the missions, please go to the PartyPoker website and click “Promotions> Sit & Go Mission”

PartyPoker Wheel Spins

This promotion is available too low volume players who do not qualify for the Cashback rewards. Here re the details:

  • Collect 5 to 9.99 points and get 1 spin
  • Collect 10 to 19.99 points and get 2 spins
  • Collect 20 to 24.99 points and get 5 spins

What can be won with the spins?

There are quite a few prizes that can be won with each wheel spin. You can get cash back up to $3, cashback points, Jackpot SNG tickets, MTT tickets, or Casino Spins.

Are There Reload Bonuses?

PartyPoker has done away with all traditional deposit bonuses including the first time deposit bonus as well as all reload bonuses.

Is There a Bad Beat Jackpot?

The bad beat jackpot was removed from PartyPoker in March of 2012.

Rake Rules

As is standard with most other poker sites, no rake is taken before the flop nor in uncalled pots. This works the same in both No-Limit Hold’em and Omaha games.

PartyPoker uses a fixed schedule to calculate rake. This is based on the limit of the table and the number of seats.

No Limit & Pot Limit Games
$15/$30 up to $50/$100
2-3 Players$0.05 / $1.00 in pot $2.00
4-10 Players$0.05 / $1.00 in pot $5.00
$0.10 / $0.25 up to $10 / $20
2 Players$0.01 / $0.20 in pot $1.00
3-4 Players$0.01 / $0.20 in pot $2.00
5-10 Players$0.01 / $0.20 in pot $3.00
$0.01 / $0.02 up to $.05 / $.10
2-10 Players$0.01 / $0.20 in the pot$1.00

Does Poker Site Have Rakeback

As previously discussed above, PartyPoker does have rakeback, based on a tiered system. You can gain from between 20% and 40% rakeback. Points have too be accumulated to set your rakeback schedule on a weekly basis.

Who Is the Target Audience on PartyPoke?

PartyPoker is in the process of transitioning to a more recreational model. Their games are now anonymous and they are restricting the use of HUDs. You can now only maintain current session stats on opponents.

Today, many poker sites are transitioning into a new world of online poker. Since the games are getting tougher and tougher as time goes on, it only makes sense to try and stop the rampant use of software to give many players an unfair advantage.

Now, everyone is on equal footing in cash games with no one getting hunted down and targeted as much as used to be possible. By making part of the site anonymous, Party Poker has taken a positive step in this direction, similarly to Ignition, Bovada, and Bodog, who are leaders in the recreational model.

Should I Play on PartyPoker?

If you are a mid too full-stack cash game player, Party is a good choice for you. The games are now much softer than they were before the switch to anonymous tables. Coupled with the Cashback reward system, this is a very attractive place to play on both standard tables and Fastforward games.

Tournament players will find a busy MTT schedule filled with high guarantees, as well as lucrative tournament series that run occasionally. If I were a tournament player, this site would be a strong contender for becoming my choice of where to play.

Why Should I Trust Your Opinion on PartyPoker?

I am a real player who has been around the game for over 10 years. I am a best-selling poker author and have spent countless hours teaching and researching better ways of playing poker. I have learned what it takes to win on every poker site and am giving that information away for free to anyone willing to listen.

I have played literally millions of hands on just about every poker network out there. Through hard work, I have managed to become a marginally big winner along the way. Here is the graph from my brief play in 2018.

2018 Jim Automatic Poker Graph

A Brief History of PartyPoker

PartyPoker (now usually written out in lower case as partypoker), was launched in 2001 by Partygaming. It was the first mega-large poker room before Pokerstars took that title in 2006, after partypoker pulled out of the US market due to the UIGEA.

In 2008, Partygaming plead guilty to violating the US Wire Act and paid $300m in fines. This was a precursor to the difficulties later poker sites would have later on in 2012 when Black Friday occurred.

In 2013, PartyPoker once again offered poker in the US, but only in the regulated state of New Jersey. Unfortunately, we have yet to see anymore states added.

In recent years, PartyPoker has made several much-needed updats to both its look and its brand. in 2016 the cash games were made anonymous while the software was given an impressive facelift.

Suggested Strategy

The good news about PartyPoker is that there is now a much better balance in the player pool than there used to be. What this means is that you are free to play whatever strategy works best for you.

With the introduction of anonymous games, you do not have to be nearly as concerned with balancing as you would on a site that had full HUDs. This does not mean you can play crazy and get away with it. All it means is that you don’t have to worry about being hyper-exploited by hardcore regs who have time to sit around and dissect your game down to the nuts and bolts in order to beat you.

My recommendation is to just settle in on a solid, fundamentally strong aggressive TAG or LAG core strategy and stick with it. Focus on avoiding big mistakes and just let the money flow into your account as your opponents make errors.

If you take the following two steps, I think you will find that your win-rate on PartyPoker will increase substantially.

1. You Should Still Use a HUD

HUDs do still work on PartyPoker. However, you can only collect session stats. I suggest using a strong basic HUD, like the one I designed below, to make small adjustments during sessions.

2. Profile Opponents Based on Their Actions

Anonymous cash games give you a great opportunity to gain a huge edge on your opponents. If other players are not using a HUD for session stats or are not doing a good job of profiling their opponents, you can really give yourself a leg up on the competition.

I strongly suggest watching my video on profiling opponents, for a simple and effective way to make adjustments to your opponents.

How to Download PartyPoker?

Downloading the client is easy. Just click on the link below for detailed instructions provided by the PartyPoker website.

PartyPoker Summary

PartyPoker is a pioneer in the online gaming industry. There are soft games, high traffic, good value, and efficient software. Once the top poker site in the world, everyone knows what happened with the UIGEA and the rise of Pokerstars.

Party remains a top 5 site in traffic and has maintained a loyal player base for years. The site might not be for everyone, but I think they have found a good balance for appealing to as many people as possible. I suggest that you try it for yourself and see what you think. Overall, I give Party Poker a qualified recommendation.

Final Thoughts

I don’t get much time to play anymore and instead write about poker and try to find ways to improve the lives of poker players. I give honest reviews of poker products and sites.

With the limited choices in poker sites today, PartyPoker is a really good option. It is, in fact, one of the best options if you want to opt out of the cutthroat atmosphere that is created on sites that allow long-term player tracking.

A Quick Note About Affiliates

It took me a lot of hours (actually 2 days) to write this review. I make an effort to only include details that I would want to know were I looking for a poker site to play on. I left out a lot of the fluff that other reviews include just to bolster their word count. If I missed something, please let me know in the comments.

If you appreciate my honesty and the hard work I’ve done please click on one of the signup links in this review. That way I get a few pennies from the poker site for my hard work. It would make my day.


If you have heard all you need to know and are ready to play, then click the link below to claim your sign-up bonus. Thanks for reading and good luck at the tables!

Related Questions

Is it legal to play poker online? Whether or not PartyPoker is legal for you to play on will depend on where you live. Please check your local jurisdiction.

Can you still make money playing poker? Anyone can still make money playing poker if they are willing to dedicate themselves to the game and learn a fundamentally strong core strategy.

Why do you type it out as PartyPoker instead of partypoker? Honestly, I think PartyPoker looks much better in a review. For most people, who don’t realize that PartyPoker calls themselves partypoker, I will just look like a lazy fool.