The Spare Change Challenge

I received an email from a subscriber who asked me if it is possible to start at the micros and grind up to mid stakes, or higher, in today’s tougher games. I responded by saying that I am not sure since I have not built up from the smallest micros in over 5 years. His question gave me an idea. What if I gathered up all of the spare change around the house, and in my car, and deposited it on a poker site? Would I be able to start at the micros and build the bankroll up to the highest levels I have ever played?
I plan to find out.
I will post period updates here, in my blog, and also track my journey via YouTube in a vlog. I hope you’ll follow me along in my quest to rebuild the bankroll!

Here is my starting bankroll!

I document cashing in my spare change here

Jim James

Jim is the author of the best-selling book called Automatic Poker. He has been playing professionally for over 10 years and has helped countless people become winning poker players. Using a no-nonsense mathematical and logical approach to beating the games, Jim has helped demystify what it takes to win money in No-Limit Hold'em.

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