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"As a new dad, I didn't have 60 hours a week to study. So, I designed this strategy to spend more time with my family. I hope it gives you the same freedom."
Jim James
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Playing 100 Big Blinds Is Frustratingly Complex

Do any of these sound familiar?

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Continuing on to higher stakes, this is how the same students did with the Elite strategy:

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"After 3 years of trying many different training sites, and with none working, I tried your strategy. After a few thousand hands, I can confirm it works. My win rate is positive and I will never change now. Automatic Poker Forever!"

Andrea A

Academy Member

“I have been using your short stack strategies on Ignition’s Zone format. Being proficient in short stack cash play has not only improved my cash game (including being deeper stacked), but also has drastically improved my tournament game. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and approach. Poker is all about finding hidden value and you sir are a gem.“

Terrell H.

Academy Member

“You expertly guided me with some advice that has helped me do well at 100NL and beyond. Anyone can apply the Automatic Poker charts and principles after just a little study time… you get a complete framework for approaching poker... I remain so indebted to you for your great strategies and how you have freely shared them.“

Sebastian R.

Academy Member

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"I've spent thousands of hours solving online cash games so you don't have to."

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Frequently asked questions

There are actually two membership levels in the Academy, but everyone must begin with a Core Membership. Automatic Poker must be learned in stages and that solid foundation needs to be established before moving up. There are five stages total and the Core Membership gives you access to the first three.

The Core Membership is $99 to join (cancel anytime) and $15 per month. Members have the option of upgrading to an Elite membership once they have mastered the Core strategy. The Elite upgrade is $150 but the monthly charge stays at $15 and will remain at that level as long as you maintain your membership.

The monthly charge pays for access to the community and ongoing content. Jim and numerous Automatic Poker veterans are active in the community and there to guide you when needed.

Automatic Poker was published back in 2012. I have spent literally thousands of hours improving the strategies since then. While the book is still relevant as a guide to poker fundamentals, if you want to maximize your win-rate in the modern games, you will want to use the updated strategies.

I realize that in today’s world we are inundated with advertising and people trying to scam us out of our hard-earned money. Hopefully, my credibility gained from my book (Automatic Poker) and having a successful YouTube channel since 2012 will show you that this is the real deal. I hold nothing back and basically show people exactly what to do. This is a completely repeatable winning system fully demonstrated in public on my channel.

When people badmouth short or mid stackers they are usually just mad that because they have trouble beating them. In fact, the notion that playing a smaller stack is unprofitable is one of the oldest myths still floating around out there. Just think about it. Pots seldom get above 50 big blinds and when they do, it’s usually a cooler. Automatic Poker teaches you how to operate successfully in the small to mid-size pots that are most frequent and matter the most.

Yes! In fact, it tends to work better if your opponents can’t track you over the long term. Most players tend to view short stackers as bad players. Having that type of image is very advantageous.

Yes, once you learn the Core Strategy, the Elite charts are built around making adjustments based on your opponents’ tendencies. I provide you with an advanced and easy to use HUD that works perfectly in tandem with the charts by only showing actionable information without any clutter or worthless stats.

You could buy then Core membership and then immediately upgrade to an Elite Membership. However, I advise anyone new to Automatic Poker to start with the Core Strategy, no matter how advanced you are. The revised and improved Core Strategy has key foundational information that is necessary before the Elite Strategy can be fully implemented.

The entire purpose of the step-by-step teaching method that I use is to build your game up to where it can beat any game you play in. I have several students who now beat mid-stakes and higher, making thousands of dollars a month from the game.

Armed with GTO optimized pre-flop ranges that exploit population tendencies, start focusing on playing.